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oking the box with his fingers.


Apr 10, 2024

oking the box with his fingers.
In 1989, Mitsubishi Estate acquired the ownership of fourteen buildings in the Rockefeller Center Building, but it only spent more than US$1.3 billion. Now he has one billion in hand, but he wants to give it away for nothing.
In terms of market value, Koch Industries is not as good as other companies, but its profitability is surprisingly high.
Excluding the US$600 million saved through illegal sewage discharge, it is not difficult for them to withdraw US$400 million, but it is also very painful.
Han Xuan was on his way to Times Square, and the Marston Martin car became a mobile crime scene. After inhaling the helium, he said in that weird voice: “Go to the west side of the square, I will wait for you there.”
The phone did not hang up . Afraid of revealing his identity by speaking, the car was quiet.
A few minutes later, Charles asked again: “Where are you? I’m here.”
“First tell me what’s around”
on the west side of Rockefeller Center Plaza.
Charles opened the car window, looked out, and said, “There is a KFC, a Pizza Hut, a subway entrance, and a pet store called YUTG.” ”
/Yes, that’s it. Go to the subway station alone. When you walk to the entrance, Tell me.”
When David heard this, he wanted to say something to his brother, but was stopped by Charles.
Charles got off the bus with his suitcase, kept looking around, mixed in the crowd, and walked to the entrance of the subway station: “I’m here, where are you?”
Upon hearing this, Charles walked to the trash can and opened the lid, smelling the pungent smell inside. At this time, I couldn’t help but frown, raised my hand, threw the box in and closed it.
Han Xuan heard the sound of metal contact through the phone and said: “Very good, you can leave. Have a good cooperation, Charles.”
Charles has been hung up on more times in the past few days than since the beginning of this year combined. , usually only he hangs up the phone, no one else would dare.
/In the crowd, I saw several subordinates. I nodded, arranged my clothes and walked back. I was afraid that I would be in danger, so I walked very fast.
David waited on the side of the road and saw the whole process from a distance. After his brother got in the car, he asked: “That damn guy didn’t say when he would pick it up. If we hadn’t caught him, he wouldn’t have really Let the news get out?”
“Absolutely impossible. If the news gets out, he won’t have anything to threaten us. Just wait, I want to see who is so brave.” He
personally gave away one billion dollars in vain. Charles felt so distressed that the corners of his eyes twitched.
He took off his glasses, wiped them and put them on, then turned to stare at the trash can and all the people approaching it.
Nothing happened on the ground, but
there was a large hole more than fifty centimeters in diameter at the top of the dusty utility room that had been abandoned for who knows how many years.
Gabriel was familiar with it. He had carved it out with hammer after hammer over the past three day

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