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they intentionally foul in advance, it will be difficult for them to organize this kind of two-line fast break.


Apr 10, 2024

they intentionally foul in advance, it will be difficult for them to organize this kind of two-line fast break.
Knight finally gave the ball to Sun Hao, and Sun Hao dodged with a European step and scored a layup on the board.
Now his ball-handling skills are very good, and he no longer needs a specific badge to increase his upper limit.
/Although it is not as smooth as Ginobili, he has completely mastered the technology itself.
7 to 2.
Although it looked like the two sides were playing back and forth, the Lakers never stopped scoring in the opening rounds!
At this time, the camera showed Popovich to the Spurs.
Popovich’s face looked a little ugly.
Because the detail that many people didn’t notice is that even with such an opening, Yao Ming actually didn’t play much on the Lakers side!
After many years, Popovich finally didn’t face Zhuge Nelson, but this time he faced Zhuge Nelson’s assistant, Boyo Harris!
It’s so uncomfortable, Ma Fei!
Of course, Sun Hao was even more uncomfortable.
It seems that in the new triangle offensive tactic, Sun Hao will not have so much offensive proportion, but in fact, his threat on the court has not decreased at all.
Because once Sun Hao is in position, you don’t dare to take your attention away from him.
As long as you dare, Sun Hao will immediately make you pay with points.
And a very important issue that was covered up by Sun Hao and Yao Ming is that the reason why Rambis’s new triangle tactic was successful with this Lakers team is because the other members of the Lakers team are not bad!
Take the previous tactic that Millsap used to pick and roll Sun Hao as an example. If Millsap’s pick-and-roll quality is not high, or his speed is not fast enough, or his finishing ability is not strong enough, he will not be able to complete that tactic.
In Rambis’s tactical book, the fourth position in the triangle offense has an exclusive title, called “the fourth position with strong finishing ability.”
If Battier was on the court, it would be impossible for the Lakers to use the tactic just now.
Another example is Carter’s passing ability and Knight’s off-ball cuts.
These are all important factors for the Lakers’ new triangle offense to work.
So as the game progressed, Popovich discovered a very helpless thing, that is, he could not prevent the Lakers from scoring.
This organization is not only Sun Hao, but the entire Lakers team.
Although they themselves scored 100 points and still maintained hope of a comeback, everyone knows that hope is more like duckweed in the water. It can be touched, but it cannot save you when you are drowning. .
At the last moment of the game, there was a scene that was a bit sad to watch.
Duncan looked very annoyed after failing to make up the ball in consecutive tip-ups.
This feeling of annoyance continued into the retreat. After he retreated to the Spurs half, he leaned over and slapped the floor hard with both hands.
Even a stone Buddha is helpless!
Sun Hao was stunned for a moment when he saw this scene.

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