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an important reason why many short men are successful in low-level leagues, but cannot adapt to high-level leagues.


Apr 10, 2024

an important reason why many short men are successful in low-level leagues, but cannot adapt to high-level leagues.
Don’t ask why Kobe, Jordan and even Tracy McGrady all use jump shots. Because of their height and wingspan, and the fact that jump shots are almost impossible for others to block.
Baker’s advice is to switch from projecting to pushing.
These are two completely different shooting methods. Most players use shooting, and the representatives of push shooting are Curry and Nash.
Of course, Curry hasn’t appeared yet, and Baker used Nash as an example.
From this perspective, this is a very risky endeavor.
There are two biggest differences between these two shooting styles.
One is the difference in the participation of the arms. Projection uses more muscles of the forearm, while pushing requires the participation of the upper arm.
What is a big arm? Biceps!
Or more vividly, unicorn arms.
Fortunately, because Sun Hao had done a lot of strength training before, especially his strong arms, all the original preparations were eliminated.
Another difference is the shooting speed.
Push shot is much faster than shot shot.
This is also the key to why Curry can shoot once in 0.33 seconds.
In fact, whether it is a step back, a fake move before a breakthrough, or even a shooting action, the purpose is to create shooting space for Sun Hao.
Sun Hao himself knew this very well, so after accepting Baker’s theory, he devoted himself to training.
And he also began to redistribute training content.
Practice stepbacks and breakthroughs during the day, and after training, go to the system to practice shooting with and without the ball.
This process is very painful.
But he was happy.
Even for a moment, he understood why Kobe got up at four in the morning to train.
Use the simplest but most true word to describe it, love.
He inspired the system because of his love for basketball.
/After that, he entered the system and practiced hard, mostly to slap Li Yuanwei and Yang Wei in the face.
But the five-year contract ended prematurely, and he found that he had not lost motivation.
It was also at that time that he discovered that slaps in the face were just excuses he made for himself, and that the real motivation was love.
/Just like some people get excited when it comes to playing League of Legends, some people are willing to travel across mountains and rivers for photography, and some people are willing to put their lives aside to prevent the epidemic.
It’s all love, big or small, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is.
A week later, Yi Jianlian returned from trial training.
This time, he finally had his own choice.
“I’m going to play for Sierra Canyon School.”
He ultimately chose not to go to Spain.
Sun Hao also supported his choice.
Bob should be very good, and since they are both in the United States, it would be easy for them to contact each other.
Of course, after making a choice, it still depends on whether the domestic side can handle it well.
Before Yi Jianlia

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