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ight. Luohan Temple is still


Mar 29, 2024

ight. Luohan Temple is still
. Zeng Siqi, Xu Jing and Zhou Shu were studying in Chengdu, friends he hadn’t seen for more than half a year.
Lin Wenjian’s clothing has changed a lot compared to before. Although it is not a brand, it looks much neater and more decent. His appearance and figure have not changed much, but his expression, eyes and speech and demeanor make him feel more confident. His whole body exudes the optimism and positivity that a college student should have.
“Why don’t you just say electronic diary? And a blog? Why go through all the detours?” Tang Jian rolled his eyes, “It’s so simple for you. Let me take a look. Knowledge of web page production is necessary, considering the beauty. , then you also need to know web design, PS, color matching and other stuff, database systems, Linux, and post-maintenance of the website, that’s about it. I can’t figure it out anyway, Nima, now I’m still studying C language and advanced mathematics. Brother Jian is probably about the same, otherwise we can help you. But it doesn’t matter. I participated in the Computer Association of our school last semester and met several experts. I asked them out when the semester started. , I’ll let you, boss, see it in person when the time comes.”
/As for the girls Zeng Siqi, Xu Jing and Zhou Shu, their clothing has not changed much. The change mainly comes from their temperament. Girls seem to be more willing to take care of themselves and are more concerned about their image in the eyes of others, especially the opposite sex. Wang Bo observed carefully and found that several girls seemed to have some light makeup on their faces. Both their eyebrows and hair had been carefully trimmed before going out. The girls are still young and beautiful, and you can still see traces of childishness, but under the youthful and childish faces, there is a maturity that middle school students don’t have.
“I’ll break the news to you, Siqi, there are many people in her class and department chasing her. One weekend two months ago, Shushu and I went to Chengdu University of Technology to play with her, and we saw her and a handsome guy in their We were so good at playing ball on the school sports field. By the way, that handsome guy was also the president of the Table Tennis Association. At that time, he enthusiastically invited Shushu and I to have skewers at Yulin Chuanchuan behind their school. Of course, Shushu and I He didn’t ask for the book. I gave him fifty yuan when I checked out. I’m sorry, Siqi, I didn’t give your boyfriend face at the time. I apologize to you now.” Xu Jing shrugged and looked at Zeng Siqi again. Blinked.
“I can prove this.” Zhou Shu also raised his hand in agreement.
Xu Jing’s revelation, coupled with Zhou Shu’s agreement, was like adding fuel to the fire, directly pushing the heated dinner to another climax. Han Lin opened her round and big eyes, stared at the red-faced Zeng Siqi and asked: “Really, Siqi? What is that guy’s height, appearance, which department, which grade, what are hi

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