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ing Qian’s phone rang suddenly, startling the two people in the hot chat.


Mar 28, 2024

ing Qian’s phone rang suddenly, startling the two people in the hot chat.
“Sorry, Brother Wang, let me answer the phone.” Ning Qian took out her cell phone, stood up and walked to the door, and answered the phone.
The room was small, and even if Wang Bo, who was sitting under the window, didn’t deliberately eavesdrop, the girl’s voice talking on the phone would inevitably reach his ears. He only heard what Ning Qian said, “Everything is fine after dinner, Sister Cai, you are going to die.” But he could not hear the voice behind it, because the girl had already opened the bedroom door and walked out.
Wang Bo smiled at this. He could understand and imagine what kind of jokes Ning Qian’s lively and outgoing round-faced colleague named Cai Jinrong would play with girls that would make her shy.
Five or six minutes later, Ning Qian left and returned with a bright, rouge-like blush on her face. When Wang Bo saw her, he couldn’t help but want to tease her, so he asked with a smile:
“Qianqian, is this Miss Cai’s phone number?”
“Well, she asked me if I had rested.” Ning Qian blushed and nodded.
“Is there anything more?”
“No more.”
“Really no more? I see you guys have been talking for a while!” Wang Bo looked at the blushing girl with a smile.
The episode of Cai Jinrong’s call made the conversation between the two more relaxed. The previous tension, depression and embarrassment were almost completely gone. Instead, there was only relaxation and comfort, as well as a kind of understanding that lingered in the air. Xuan, floating emotions.
When it was close to ten o’clock, Wang Bo saw that Ning Qian couldn’t help but yawn, so he suggested that the girl take a bath first and rest early after taking a bath. The other party worked for more than ten hours and didn’t sleep much last night. Today, he traveled around with him all day long. His iron-clad body may not be able to bear it anymore.
“Brother Wang, it’s okay, I’m okay.”
“What’s okay? You’ve been tired all day and night. Obediently, go take a hot shower and go to bed early to rest.” ”
I, I can sleep on the floor. .” Ning Qian defended in a low voice.
“Whether you want to sleep on the floor or the bed, let’s wait until you take a shower. Get up and be obedient!” After saying that, Wang Jing stood up, walked to the girl, stretched out his hand to pull the girl sitting by the bed up, and then pushed her Shoulder towards the bathroom.
/The sudden feeling of the thin belt of the breastplate once again came from the palm holding the shoulder. This time, in this dimly lit night, it was clearer and more thought-provoking than the time during the day.
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