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do it if you don’t have the courage.


Mar 24, 2024

do it if you don’t have the courage.
But then again, with more than thirty guys fighting in a group, how can they just yell, not to mention Director Chen is at the scene.
The patrol officers were busy looking for bullet casings. The deputy director of the Nanzhou Branch, the captain of the Criminal Police Brigade, and the chief of the Qingyuan Street Police Station finally arrived. They ran over and asked anxiously: “Detachment Han, where is Bureau Chen? Is Bureau Chen angry?”
/“Bureau Xu, don’t worry. .”
Han Bo accompanied them to the entrance of the messy logistics center, picked up a rubber baton, and said with a wry smile: “This is an emergency, and it is a special situation where all police officers are on compensatory leave. Besides, Qingyuan Police Station dispatched police I was mistaken for the security guard here and almost had an accident. Please explain and Director Chen will understand.” ”
The key point is that Director Chen will not listen to our explanation. Detachment Han, please help us and put in a nice word for us.”
“What kind words? Tell the truth.”
Han Bo handed the baton to the criminal police captain of the branch, pointed to the hall and introduced: “Bureau Xu, Cao Da, the case is not complicated. The logistics center owed the construction team the payment for the project. It is almost the Chinese New Year and the construction team came to ask for it. During this period, something happened During the dispute, the owner of the logistics center and the security guard beat someone. It seemed that they were injured and the person was in the hospital. The construction company was angry and called a group of workers to come over for revenge. They beat people and smashed things when they saw them. A few ran away, and some of them were like this It shouldn’t be difficult to investigate the many people who have been arrested. You will take over the cases in your jurisdiction. I have informed the Fourth Brigade of the patrol, and as soon as your people arrive, they will hand over the suspects in the hospital to the branch. “If you
don’t fight sooner, you won’t fight later. The fight happened when Director Chen came to Nanzhou for inspection.
The branch leader was furious and took over the case. He asked the police from the Fourth Patrol Squadron to drive the suspect to the Qingyuan Police Station and arranged a car to take Han Bo to the district government.
The leaders of the old unit were reporting to the current leaders in the conference room on the third floor with the members of the district committee, including the district committee standing committee member, the district political and legal committee secretary and the director of the public security bureau.
There was a fight involving more than 30 people and more than a dozen people were injured. The old leader’s face was disgraced. The current leader was probably very unhappy. It was not appropriate to go upstairs now. Han Bo simply sat in an office on the first floor and talked to the driver. Lao Guo chats.
“The Han det

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