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but quickly rushed into the water towards the shore.


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but quickly rushed into the water towards the shore.
Not only the cheetah, but also Tuta in the canoe suddenly stopped and stared at the river with his men intently.
When encountering hunting black caiman in the Amazon river, the most basic thing to do is to remain cautious.
Fortunately, the crocodile that had swallowed a whole fish weighing tens of kilograms without any effort today obviously had no intention of continuing to hunt. After filling its stomach, it transformed into a rotten tree and floated leisurely on the river, slowly Floated away.
Seeing that the threat was gone, the canoe began to continue sailing. After witnessing the cruel ecology of the jungle where the jungle is full of predators, except for Zhang Lisheng, the other young people no longer had the relaxed mentality they had just now.
What made me even more depressing was that as Tina waited for her mood to change from sunny to gloomy, dark clouds slowly began to gather in the sky, and soon it began to rain heavily.
Although the expensive outdoor jacket he wore was surprisingly effective at keeping out the rain, the unique drainage system of the canoe would only come into play after the rainwater poured into the wooden boat and covered the stern, which is half shorter than the hull.
In other words, if it rains heavily for more than twenty minutes, half of the passengers in the canoe will be sitting in the water.
It didn’t matter for an hour or two, but after seven or eight hours of soaking in the river, Xitu, who felt his body began to swell, couldn’t help but yelled: “Are we going to stay in the water like this for a month?
Damn it, Tu Mr. Ta, we paid a tour guide fee of 50,000 yuan. We don’t ask for good treatment. As long as we have a cabin that can shelter from the rain, do you have to save that little gas money?
By the way, I forgot about it. Yes, your canoe also burns oil…”
“Let your boyfriend complain for a while, miss. After a few days, he will naturally not have such energy. The
first two days of sailing on the Amazon River were the most important part of our journey. It is the easiest part of the journey. I advise you to complain more while
So as not to lose the opportunity in the future.” The longer Tuta went on the road, the more his temperament changed. He gradually started talking more and more. When he was in Tuyi Kano, he seemed a little more “tasteful”, but his words became more and more sarcastic.
you can. Talents and abilities cannot be inherited, but the underlying temperament may be passed down from generation to generation along with the genetics. development, biologists have even found the genetic code that determines personality.
Xitu’s great-great-grandfather once started from scratch and created the most legendary rise myth in the world’s financial history in just thirty years. A large part of the reason for his success was his paranoid-like tenacity.
/The tour guide’s words aroused the hidden resilience in Shitu’s character. He stopped complaining, wiped the rain off his face, gritted h

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