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was not very compatible with the captain, I couldn’t help but ask about my little girl’s work.


Mar 23, 2024

was not very compatible with the captain, I couldn’t help but ask about my little girl’s work.
Zhou Suying threw the rolled-out skin in front of her and smiled brightly: “Our detachment leader is young but not arrogant. He is very polite and gentle. He handles everything through consultation. He has no airs and can chat with the security guards. Very easy to work with.”
“There are not many people like this.”
“Deputy Political Commissar Gu knows all the cadres who came out of Liangzhuang, how bad can he be.” Zhou’s mother was old but very clear-headed. The dumplings came unexpectedly.
“Deputy Political Commissar Gu knows him, he seems to have some background!”
“What background or background he has has nothing to do with Deputy Political Commissar Gu. He did it and learned it by himself. He was a second-level model five or six years ago. With his real ability He got a graduate degree from Peking University and solved several major cases. It’s really hard to do a dangerous job. Last year, there was an explosion in our port area. He risked his life to extract the suspect’s DNA from a detonator that failed and could explode at any time. He was lucky. The detonator did not explode. His old subordinates were not as lucky as him. While tracing the source of explosives in the same case, a suspect accidentally detonated a box of detonators. He had just been rescued, but no one knew how far he could recover. I don’t know. The person he recommended to the ‘old commander’ is the captain of the criminal police detachment of our city bureau. He was officially transferred to the city bureau after he made a meritorious service. He feels very guilty for what happened. He is in a bad mood these days. I heard that the family members of the seriously injured police officers were sent here. A comrade from the Sigang County Bureau said that he was very sad and burst into tears when he learned the news. ”
Accidents have happened in Ankang Hospital before. When a nurse was delivering medicine, several mental patients swarmed up to her and pinched her neck. Fortunately, she was discovered in time. Several policemen rescued the dying person, but if they were delayed by a minute or two, the consequences would be disastrous.
Zhou Suying also cried at the time, and felt equally sad when she mentioned Cheng Wenming.
The public security is under quasi-military management, and the army is under military management. No one wants to see something happen to their comrades. The second sister-in-law felt the same way and couldn’t help but ask: “Which hospital is the injured policeman in?”
“It’s a municipal people’s hospital in Xichuan. Go there.” An accident occurred while Xi Chuan was on a mission. He cannot move in the intensive care unit. He will be brought back for treatment when his condition gets better.” “Did
your detachment leader go?”
/Zhou Suying rolled out the last piece of skin and explained. : “It’s not that he doesn’t want to go, it’s just that he can’t leave. The ‘Old Marshal’ has gone, and he, the ‘Young

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