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der to achieve the ultimate goal of mastering financial power, personnel power and command power.


Mar 23, 2024

der to achieve the ultimate goal of mastering financial power, personnel power and command power.
In other aspects, it is just like this, and its business capabilities are very average. So far, it has only carried out a special operation to combat “two robberies and one theft”.
Yushan County is so big that there are no secrets at all.
As soon as the mobilization meeting was over, those suspects who had been active in the county for a long time already knew who dared to commit crimes. As a result, few suspects were caught during the operation today.
But in the eyes of the people in the urban area, the new police chief has done something good.
Public security in the city, including several surrounding towns, has improved significantly. If you call 110 to call the police, the police will arrive in time and deal with it seriously. Unlike before, they would either disappear for a long time or come over to make trouble.
Stations, hospitals, banks, and schools have all been replaced by public security bureau security guards, especially at the entrances of several high schools, junior high schools, vocational primary schools, and kindergartens in the city. Traffic police and patrol police are on duty every day before and after school. The little gangsters in society dare not stop. When I go to school, those students who don’t study well are much more honest.
There are police officers on duty at the bus station 24 hours a day, some in police uniforms and some in plainclothes. They have arrested more than a dozen thieves. There are fewer theft cases than before, and fights will no longer happen.
The traffic police check motorcycles with incomplete license plates. Patrol officers and police station officers can see police cars with flashing lights from time to time near several wholesale markets at night. In the past, we often heard about and even witnessed and experienced car snatching and highway robbery. It has also disappeared during this time.
It’s much better than before, but those underworlds still exist, and gamblers are still wandering the streets, but they don’t dare to be as blatant as before. The masses hope that the police can persist, and it is best to use heavy blows to catch all the gangsters and gamblers.
Han Bo knows these public opinions, and Jiang Wenli has worked in Yushan for so many years, and he is also very aware of them.
The better Han Bo did, the more uncomfortable Jiang Wenli felt.
Because in the eyes of the people, he, the former public security director and now the executive deputy director, is very incompetent, but now he can’t think about it so much. The executive deputy director has become the “meeting director”, serving the county, region, and Even those in the province are busy in Wenshan meetings almost every day, and sometimes have to attend several meetings a day.
/There is no way, the “Smiling Tiger” always pushes this way, so I can only participate on his behalf.
After Jiang Wenli attended the meeting of the regional public security bureau, he walked out of the

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