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Mar 22, 2024

“No, comrade police, no! I know the importance. I just make a little money to support my family. Rent it to children?”
Wang Yunhai still doesn’t know the real purpose of the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Public Security Bureau jointly enforcing the law and bringing him here. In his mind, the police only wanted to make money through fines, so how could he dare to admit that he rented pornographic discs to minors? If he admitted, it would be equivalent to an additional level of crime.
His eyes flickered, and he could tell he was lying.
If he didn’t tell the truth, Ying Chengwen was almost furious. He opened his briefcase and slapped a stack of photos in front of him, “Wang Yunhai, if you don’t tell the truth when you are about to die, do you want to live anymore?”
” Comrade Public Security, don’t scare me. I’m just renting DVDs. What’s the big deal? I’m a laid-off worker, making a living on my own. I haven’t caused any trouble to the government, so don’t bother me either, okay?”
“Look clearly, look carefully. !”
/You didn’t even know you were being framed. If you hadn’t been negligent at the time and found you through your tie, and you couldn’t produce an alibi, you might have been used as a scapegoat.
Ying Chengwen glared at him and held up a photo: “Whose tie is this? It doesn’t look familiar. How could it appear at the murder scene?” “The
murder case is none of my business.” Wang Yunhai was confused.
“It’s none of your business. Look at this. Do you recognize this person? He pooped and peed in front of your store. You beat him up. The whole world knows about it.”
Ying Chengwen pointed at his nose and picked it up. The small camera pulled out the video recorded during the noon search and fast-forwarded to the part where the fruit knife was found: “Did you see that the murder weapon was also found in your store? If you say it’s none of your business, who would believe it?”
It turns out ? It was about that old beggar and old bastard. Wang Yunhai reacted and said mournfully: “Comrade Public Security, I was wronged. I beat him. Would you be angry if he pooped and peed in front of your house? But I am.” I really didn’t kill him, how could I kill someone, how could I kill someone for this?”
“You didn’t kill him, then tell me why the tie was at the crime scene, and how could the murder weapon be in your shop?”
“I was wronged. Yes, some bastard must have framed the blame.”
“Who would frame you, why framed you, why didn’t he frame someone else?”
“Let me think about it, Ding Erdan, it must have been Ding Erdan, he was worried about My wife doesn’t work for two days a day. Everyone in the neighborhood knows it.”
/“Ding Erdan?”
“My nickname is Erdan. I don’t know my first name either, but it’s unlikely to be him. He went to Dongguang to work last year. , didn’t come back for the Spring Festival. It could also be him, sneaking back to kill people, and then blaming me and framing me.”
It turned out that the police went to raid the store because of this. Wang Yunhai finally realize

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