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security officer before going to South Africa?” “


Mar 22, 2024

security officer before going to South Africa?” ”
I asked, Counselor Han is very famous in the system, a second-level model in the national public security system, and serves as a public security officer at the Open University. I have been an instructor, and before being stationed in South Africa, I served as the deputy director of the municipal bureau in a prefecture-level city in the southwestern province, at the division level.” “The public
/security forces in the world are one family, and it will be easier if we all have our own people!”
The department leaders paid attention to it, and maybe the Ministry of Public Security might Everyone in the cooperation bureau knew that this suspect must be caught. Sun Yang made up his mind and asked: “Comrade Yijiang, Comrade Changling, have you spoken on the phone with Counselor Han and Director Qu?” ”
Yes, we can identify the suspect once he has identified him. Just report it to the provincial department and inform Counselor Han and Qu Chu who are waiting for the news.”
“What does Counselor Han say? Do you have any good suggestions?”
“Counselor Han suggested that we should go there. He and Chu Chu will give their full assistance. We urge return.”
“Persuading return, can’t
we extradite?” “Counsellor Han said that although China has concluded an extradition treaty with South Africa, the extradition procedures are cumbersome, inefficient, and full of uncertainties.” “Uncertainty
, What do you mean?”
I thought that Xiang Wei, whom Chen Wei told me, might be a smuggler suspected of organizing smuggling, or suspected of smuggling, but I didn’t expect that he turned out to be a drug dealer who manufactures and sells drugs!
Lu Yijiang opened his notebook and said helplessly: “South Africa has abolished the death penalty, but drug production and trafficking reaching a certain amount is a capital crime in China. The suspect may, not possibly, will definitely hire a lawyer, and use this as a reason to request the South African government. Reject extradition. Even if we promise to extradite without imposing the death penalty, accidents of one kind or another will occur. Counselor Han gave an example. A British man suspected of murder ran to South Africa. The evidence is conclusive. Both countries have concluded an extradition treaty, and The laws implemented by both countries are similar, but the British suspect claimed to have mental illness, and the legal battle lasted four years before the British police extradited him.”
South Africa was once a British colony and the laws implemented are very similar. It is so troublesome for the UK to extradite a suspect. You can imagine how difficult it would be for China to extradite a person from South Africa.
/Sun Yang nodded and asked: “Did Counselor Han say how certain it is to persuade people to return?”
“It should be 40 to 50 percent. Director Wu said on the phone that Counselor Han has carried out overseas pursuits of fugitives and stolen goods. He has rich experience.”
“Then let’s do it, Comrade Yijiang

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