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ot know whether to live or die.


Mar 22, 2024

ot know whether to live or die.
At the right time, a bolt of lightning suddenly fell from mid-air and struck the bull on the head, instantly turning its head black with thunder.
Then, a bullet suddenly appeared in the void, and with a “pop” sound, it penetrated into the remaining eye of the giant bull. At this time, this wild cow has completely turned into a blind cow.
Then, Bai Lu, Hong Zhong, Qi Xiaoyun, and Qiu Yun all took the opportunity to rush forward, each showing their abilities. Finally, the giant bull man was finally killed.
/Immediately, Li Shuangmu shouted loudly: “General Dia is dead, and those who surrender will not be killed!”
Then, after receiving Li Shuangmu’s signal, a group of creatures from the Narnia liberation camp shouted loudly: “Diya is dead, and those who surrender will not be killed!” For a time, the People’s Liberation Army camp gained momentum, while the evil camp was just the opposite. .
At this time, a strange force suddenly rushed out from behind the evil army. It was a new force led by Zhong Limo. Their influx suddenly became the last straw that overwhelmed the psychological defenses of the evil army soldiers.
Thus, this sniper battle in Icewind Valley finally ended with the victory of the liberation camp.
When many leaders gathered in front of Li Shuangmu to cheer and celebrate and express their respect, Li Shuangmu said: “Now, I order that 500 people should stay in Icewind Valley, and the rest will withdraw and cross Icewind Mountain!” Everyone was shocked and
started shouting. Ask why. This fortress that was finally conquered was abandoned at the drop of a hat? !
“This is an order!” Li Shuangmu also wanted to explain, but time was tight and he had no time to elaborate, so he could only give the order forcefully.
The Elf Queen, who had always supported Li Shuangmu, immediately said: “Since the regent said so, we will act according to the order.”
In the end, whether he wanted to or not, after leaving 500 Narnian warriors behind, Li Shuangmu led a large army to enter. The Icewind Mountains.
“Sophie?” During the march, the Elf Queen came to Sophie and said, “Why have you been so restless? Your performance in the previous battle was too disappointing to me!” Sophie said, “I’m sorry, Your Majesty the Queen. , please forgive me.” The elves have a strict hierarchy, and even if they are a mother and daughter, their etiquette is quite serious.
“Are you thinking about that Yin Kuang?” “”
Don’t think about him. He gave up his supreme honor for a woman. This kind of person is not worth your thoughts.” The Elf Queen said coldly: “After the Holy War , the current regent will definitely gain a high status and power, and he may even be selected as the new ‘king’ by the great Aslan. When the time comes, you will represent my elves and become the regent’s wife. ”
Your Highness the Queen”
“This matter is up to me!” After saying that, the Elf Queen left.
Sophie, on the other hand, had tears in her eyes.
When the cold giant sword penetrated his body, Yin Kuang cou

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