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e approaching, turned his head and paused: “Hi, Principal Gregorian.” “When did you


Mar 16, 2024

e approaching, turned his head and paused: “Hi, Principal Gregorian.” “When did you
come back? Yi Sabelli, you are here too, why are you here.”
Gregorian smiled and patted Han Xuan on the shoulder: “I talked to your grandfather on the phone this morning, and I happened to have something to talk to you about.”
“Lamy just now Rize’s band is playing here, and I’m going to the library. Goodbye, Principal, Han.” Isabelle heard that they were about to talk, so she took care of their privacy and left first.
“We just arrived in the morning, what did my grandfather say to you?” Han Xuan asked, looking at the girl who was walking away coolly. This character really does not suit her age.
“Regarding business, he wants you to be more practical. You opened a company yourself, right?”
Gregorian did not agree with this arrangement. He felt that his old classmate was too radical. No matter how smart the kid in front of him was, he was still young. When you are still young, parents’ rash intervention will create a rebellious mentality. He continued: “Did he make the decision? Tell me and I will talk to him.” ”
Yes, I have an investment company under my name.” Han Xuan thought he He was worried about his studies and explained: “But it doesn’t matter. I have a professional manager to help me handle the company’s affairs and it won’t delay my classes.” ”
No, no, no, that’s not what I mean. I mean you really want to participate so early. Is it family business? I know your grandfather. He has been very paranoid since college. Of course, he can also be said to be serious. If you don’t like it, just tell me and I will beat him up for you.”
/While walking and talking, he stood at the school gate and planted a tree. Under the shade, Gregorian said with a worried tone: “I have met many children from wealthy families, but you are different from them. You can choose the life you want and should not be controlled by your parents.”
Knowing Gregory Principal An was really thinking about himself, but he seemed to have made a mistake.
Han Xuan narrowed his eyes with a smile and explained: “It was my idea to open a company. Grandpa didn’t force me. Now it’s what I want. I have everything at home and can buy everything. This kind of life is so boring. I think I should do it.” A little challenge to prove myself, thank you for your kindness, principal.”
Gregorian looked at Han Xuan seriously, and slowly said: “In this case, I will respect your ideas. I don’t understand why, but I always feel that you You are a little different from Isabelle and Harris. Geniuses are smart because of their IQ and ability. And you are psychologically perfect. In the past six months, I have found that you think about problems like an adult, so I subconsciously use the method of treating adults. We get along with each other, but you are not uncomfortable with it.”
“So I am smarter than those three children.” Han Xuan shrugged and raised his eyebrows.
“It’s this attitude that makes me feel that way. In fact, I once thought about taking you

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