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“This is what we should do, I have something to do here, please sir Go in first.” After
arranging the arrangement for the old factory director, Han Bo walked up to Qiao Aijun, the township leader, the top leaders of enterprises and institutions, Director Ning and more than a dozen joint defense team members. He showed his ID with a serious face:
“Comrade Qiao Aijun, I This is Han Bo, director of the Liangzhuang Police Station of the Sigang County Public Security Bureau. It is the obligation of every citizen to cooperate with the public security organs in handling cases. You are a citizen of the People’s Republic of China first, and then a police officer. Please actively cooperate with your colleagues. No problem?”
With so many leaders watching, and someone standing by to take pictures, with a small tape recorder in his pocket, every word he says now may be used as a basis for accountability in the future.
When the tiger fell, Qiao Aijun did not dare not to cooperate and said bravely: “No problem.”
“Thank you.”
Qiao Aijun looked back at the driver. The driver shook his head and told the truth: “No, the cash is either there.” Either in your bag or on your body.”
“Comrade Qiao Aijun, until the situation is clarified, I have the right to temporarily detain your vehicle. Please look at the odometer with me. We will only temporarily detain it and will not use it. Please rest assured.”
As expected, he is a law student, and he has taken into account all the possible troubles in the future.
Director Ning secretly praised it and decided to do this if he encounters this kind of thing in the future. If you are courteous and have evidence, you will not be afraid of litigation wherever it goes. It’s just that cameras are not cheap, costing more than 10,000 yuan each. Forget it, he will borrow them if he has something to do in the future. Now that the relationship between the two families is so good that he can wear a pair of trousers, there is no way he will not borrow them.
/Look at the odometer together, write down the mileage and have him sign it.
When the things outside come to an end, let’s go in and ask.
The three people asked Qiao Aijun separately. Han Bo asked Qiao Aijun in person, Gao Yali took notes, Director Ning listened, and the camera was mounted on a tripod to film the whole process.
Chen Meng asked the young man, Lao Wang took notes, and recorded the whole process with a newly equipped small tape recorder; Xiaodan asked the driver, Huang Xiaohe took notes, and also recorded the whole process.
When the police are handling cases, it’s not good for the leaders to go in.
Since they wouldn’t turn their elbows out anyway, Lao Lu simply asked everyone to go to the second floor to smoke, drink tea and wait for news.
How could there be so many policemen in one police station? How could such a young police station chief get such cooperation from the public security department of a neighboring city? He was caught red-handed and the entire process was filmed in such a for

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