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The momentum of the two people had accumulated to a critical point, and at this time Yi Fan had completely gained the upper hand.
A light flashed in his eyes, and the seven stars on the Seven-Star Sword began to shine from top to bottom.
Seven Stars Linked–Seven Stars Heart Locking Slash!
A bright light bloomed, the sword tip flashed out of the magic circle, and the mighty sword energy came out violently.
Swordsmanship is also a kind of magic, and real swordsmanship will be assisted by a magic circle. This is a new level. Only in this way can the attack power of sword energy be brought into full play.
This is Qingyun Sect!
/A smile appeared at the corner of Du Qingtian’s mouth. This was a qualitative difference!
The momentum has been suppressed, and I’m afraid it’s still a question whether this kid can attack.
But Du Qingtian didn’t wait for long, the answer had already come out.
Duan Tianya suddenly burst out.
Cut off the end of the world with one sword!
It was a dazzling light. In front of it, the gorgeous Seven-Star Heart-locking Slash suddenly dimmed.
How can the stars compete with the bright moon? .
The sword energy flew away, Wang Meng didn’t even pursue him, this sword was enough!
Yi Fan’s sword energy was completely blasted away, and an unparalleled force came, covering the sky and the sun. He only felt that his eyes were black, and he knew nothing.
Silence fell.
Lu Yuetian’s applause rang out, “I’m sorry everyone, my Starlight Academy won this game again.”
The other four people looked at each other with ugly expressions. Du Qingtian had already ducked into the field.
It was the first time that Wang Meng saw the dean of Xingmang Cultivation Academy and the master of Dzogchen who could create an invisible pressure just by standing there.
Du Qingtian couldn’t help but be a little surprised. The pressure he exerted didn’t seem to be that effective.
Lifting Yi Fan up and preparing for treatment, Wang Meng said, “Senior, he just held his breath, nothing serious.”
Du Qingtian patted him gently, and Yi Fanchang took a breath and opened his eyes and quickly stood up.
“This disciple is ashamed to be cultivated by the dean.”
“Victory and defeat are common matters in military affairs. No one can be invincible.” Du Qingtian said, looking at Wang Meng lightly, “Are you a disciple of the Holy Temple?”
“Yes, a disciple of Leiguang Hall, Disciple Holy Hall.” Wang Meng said.
“Okay, I remember it!”
Yi Fan’s breathing had returned to normal, and Wang Meng was also quite surprised. Although he was holding his breath, the blow just now was not light, and his opponent had such resilience.
“You are so awesome. I hope we have the chance to compete again.”
“welcome any time.”
/Wang Meng smiled and said, Holy cultivators are different. The kid in front of him is very measured in his attacks, so he is too embarrassed to use his full strength.
The other four deans looked at Wang Meng curiously. If the first scene was not impressive enough, this one was enou

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