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e laws and cannot easily attack the mortals. When facing warriors, they can only use their strength to cast spells.


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But where there is no borrowing power, one can only see the covered Dharma and perceive it.
Of course, Dharma King Tianling did not dare to go too far, lest he destroy the opponent’s foundation.
That would do him no good.
Seeing that his divine power was weakening, Dharma King Tianling immediately stepped into the prison of the county.
In the prison, the smell of blood could be seen everywhere at this time, and many jailors had been killed by the black-robed warriors who rushed in.
The black-robed warriors trained by Xuandu Cult also suffered casualties.
King Tianling moved quickly and entered the inner layer after a moment.
On the inner level of the prison, there are prisons made of special black iron. Special prisoners are imprisoned inside. King Tianling looks at these prisoners with a smile.
These were all warriors who had committed crimes. In front of him, these warriors could be killed by just raising their hands.
But if a death squad can be formed to attack some strange places, such as important places protected by dragon and tiger energy, this group of people can play an extremely critical role.
This belongs to special talents.
Especially the innermost one.
/He had already seen an old man with white hair and a majestic figure. The black iron chains that this old man was carrying were extremely heavy. His face was indifferent. It was only when he saw the arrival of Dharma King Tianling that his eyes became brighter.
Chapter 138: News from the road, plan
The next day, early morning
However, Zhang Jian and his servant were awakened by the movement outside the shop.
This is where the Zhang family’s caravan settled. It was originally a shop selling silk and satin.
After Zhang Jian’s master and servant arrived, they stayed there first.
Several burly government officials broke in at this time and were searching everywhere.
“Dear officials, we really don’t have any strangers here. These two gentlemen are on their way to Beijing to take the exam. They passed by Jixian County Juren Master. Please don’t offend Wenquxing!”
At this time, the shopkeeper of the silk and satin shop quickly grabbed the two government servants next to him.
Hearing this, the two government officials did not dare to neglect, but after briefly checking the directions of the master and servant, they politely invited Zhang Jian aside.
After a while, he left in a hurry.
Seeing this scene, Zhang Jian was slightly surprised. He noticed that these government officials did not embarrass the shopkeeper of the silk and satin shop.
This is a very rare situation.
In Zhang Jian’s impression, even the yamen servants of Fengyang County Sheriff’s Office are not able to restrain themselves and not get stuck.
Once you encounter an order to arrest a big thief, you will inevitably take advantage of the opportunity.
Seeing this, Zhang Lu, who was standing next to him, hurriedly went to the street to inquire about the news. He

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