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ist beads, Gongsun Buqi looks so small.


Feb 20, 2024

ist beads, Gongsun Buqi looks so small.
However, the Gongsun family has been in China for thousands of years. What kind of battles have they not seen? I saw Master Buqi taking a long breath, and his whole body began to grow in size in an instant. When he jumped eight feet high, the prayer beads slammed down hard.
Gongsun Buqi put his feet on the ground and reached up to grab it. Although he was still a little short of height compared to the hundred-foot-square bead chain, he still held the bead chain firmly.
The other parts of the bead chain rolled towards him, as if they were about to wrap him up, but when they were still dozens of feet away from his body, they were suddenly thrown away, as if they were bounced away by an indescribable force.
The fat monk’s eyes lit up and he sighed, “It turned out to be a golden body. Alas, the Gongsun family is so famous. It’s really not a coincidence that I suppressed it!”
In his fierce shout, two of them were thrown away by Gongsun Buqi. The Buddhist beads he held suddenly burst out with thick green air, sweeping downwards and instantly drowning Gongsun Buqi.
The fat monk laughed, swayed, and when he appeared again, he was already next to the Absolute Guardian. He raised his hand, and a big black hand with a radius of more than ten feet appeared, hanging right above the Absolute Guardian. above.
In the past, when Li Yongsheng fought against True Monarch Rouran Xianda, the big hands transformed by True Monarch Xianda were as large as a hundred feet in diameter, but this does not mean that the cultivation of this fat monk was inferior to True Monarch Xianda.
As the old saying goes, what is concentrated is the essence. He condensed his big hand to a radius of more than ten feet. The spiritual energy contained in it was amazing. Many cultivators with lower cultivation levels were even suppressed by the pressure and became a little unstable.
Even the long banner in Master Zhang’s hand was violently disturbed by the spiritual energy, and was almost unable to increase the fighting power of the disciples.
Ding Qingyao recognized the origin of this big black hand and couldn’t help shouting, “Be careful of the attack of Fei Waterfall Xuanshui!”
/Fei Waterfall Xuanshui was one of the supreme skills of Pai Gang in the past. He is the True Monarch of the Pai Bang, and his skills are not difficult to identify, but the Pai Bang’s mental technique has been passed down for nearly a thousand years, so the well-read Ding Jing Master can recognize him immediately.
All of this is slow to say, but extremely fast to do. In the blink of an eye, the big black hand slightly disturbed the air, as if tearing apart the space, and the endless black water column rolled down like a waterfall, directly rushing into the air. Become an absolute guardian.
The protective light shield was greatly reduced in an instant, and it was almost too thin to be recognized. The cyan jade bowl and command flag in the formation also shook slightly.
The huge phantom of the strange stone also became tran

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