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ll knew about reincarnation.


Feb 20, 2024

ll knew about reincarnation.
Of course, reincarnation is too far away for her – far away for most people, but it does not prevent her from making conjectures in this regard.
“Can you guess it?” Zhang Muzi smiled. Since the other party didn’t deny it, it would be easier to communicate.
“Then tell me about the situation and your conjecture. Don’t worry, I won’t let you promise you glory for the rest of your life in vain. I will give you everything you want. Those who have bullied you in the Wu family can do whatever you want. What do you think? ”
Mother Wu pondered for a long time, and finally sighed and shook her head, “If you want to know, I’m really sorry to ask Xiao Li.”
Zhang Muzi frowned, deliberately showing off his momentum and scaring her, but after thinking about it, After all, this is the Chaoyang Main Xiu Hall, so I put away my thoughts and just snorted coldly, “Are you sure? You should have heard of the Soul Searching Technique, right?”
Mother Wu smiled slightly, “I have heard of this technique. , but since you don’t ask Xiao Li, I’m not afraid of you searching for my soul. Once I have something wrong with me, how do you think Xiao Li will react?”
Zhang Muzi was immediately speechless – when did these Li Shu people become like this? Not easy to fool?
After a moment of silence, she spoke, “I feel like you are sweating. Is it worth taking such a risk?”
/Wu Xiaonv nodded simply, “It’s worth it. I have never felt at home since my family member passed away. Now I Yes, even though I’m scared, in order to protect this feeling, I don’t mind losing my mind.”
Zhang Muzi was speechless again. After a long time, she took a deep look at her and said, “In fact, it won’t cause any harm to Li Yongsheng.”
/“Then you can go and tell him,” Wu Xiaonv was sure of it and would not listen to the other party’s explanation. “If Xiao Li agrees to tell you, he will tell you. Why do you bother to embarrass me when you are such a big person?”
Zhang Muzi’s aura wavered, and he wished he could catch this ant directly. Do you really think I’m afraid of Li Yongsheng?
But after thinking about it, she suppressed the anger in her heart. She was not afraid of Li Yongsheng, but the Crippled True Lord, that was the existence of the True Lord.
Well, Crippled True Lord is also from the North Pole Palace, so he can’t do anything to her, but what if she disrupts True Lord’s arrangements?
After thinking for a long time, she finally sighed softly, “Forget it, let’s try this time.”
“What?” A voice sounded behind her, and then, there was a murderous aura, faintly locking her, “You try to move her. Try?”
“Hey, you actually have such a powerful spiritual mind?” Zhang Muzi turned around, not angry but happy, “Li Yongsheng, I found that everyone underestimated you.”
She could feel the murderous aura , it might cause her a lot of trouble, but she is really happy, because the stronger he is, the closer he is to the Crippled True Lord, “You won’t hide it anymore?”
Of course I won’t hide it deliberately anymore, Li Yongsh

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