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anted to blow up the real weapon.”


Feb 18, 2024

anted to blow up the real weapon.”
There is no evidence that, Li Yongsheng was aware of this when he took action, especially the certified Huyan scholar, who did not see the problem at first.
But these two True Lords can be sure that Li Yongsheng must have seen the problem. He killed the True Lord because of this.
Being able to make two real kings blindly believe in him, Zhenren Li is proud enough.
Scholar Hu Yan nodded, “Yes, in fact, he cast the thunder method twice in a row, and there was time in it to use such a sword technique.” What
he meant was: Li Yongsheng also wanted to do it at the beginning. If you take matters into your own hands and resolve the cause and effect, you really see that the situation is not good, so you take action boldly.
Gongsun Buqi nodded thoughtfully, and then the next moment, he turned his head sideways and looked at Scholar Huyan up and down, “I’m surprised, what method did you use to see it?”
Zhenjun Huyan grinned. Smiling, “It’s not how I saw it, but from your angle, you couldn’t see it at all.”
“Well,” Gongsun Buqi was dumbfounded. He blinked for a while before nodding thoughtfully, “It seems This is really the case, I just think that my golden body is facing him, and he should be able to see everything at a glance.”
This is another habitual thinking that kills people. He was just in the state of the great golden body, a man more than a hundred feet tall, Facing a five-foot-tall guy, I felt like I should be able to see everything.
Unexpectedly, the fat monk had been guarding him and planned to blow up the flag, but he chose an angle that Gongsun Buqi couldn’t see.
On a normal day, this little trick could not be concealed from Gongsun Buqi, who was the True Lord, so blocking his line of sight was basically meaningless.
/But he was so immortal today. He was in a golden state, more rough than fine, so he really didn’t notice this.
The reason why Scholar Huyan found out that Xiaoqi almost blew himself up was because he observed it.
Thinking of his negligence, Buqi Zhenjun felt even more ashamed – it wasn’t that Li Yongsheng didn’t explain it, but that he should have discovered it himself, but he just didn’t care.
Feeling ashamed and annoyed, he glanced at the scene of fighting in the distance and snorted coldly, “Scholar Zhenjun, please help me keep an eye on this guy. I’ll kill a few people to dispel the anger in my heart!”
” Isn’t this necessary?” Scholar Huyan was surprised when he heard this, “I think they will end the battle soon.”
In fact, since the discovery of two true monarchs on the Thunder Valley side, the combined forces of Songfengguan and Prince Xiang’s Mansion have already Without fighting spirit, the reason why they are still resisting now is just to bet on whether these two true kings will intervene in this battle.
This is a consensus that the True Lord should not take action at will. Even if it is a civil war, it would not sound good if word spread about it. Moreover, this is the territory of the Qinglong Temple after all. If a True

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