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n a krypton crystal mine, there is a high probability that it will trigger a chain reaction, and its power may be difficult to control.


Dec 17, 2023

The king of the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ fell at the bottom of the giant pit. The injuries on his body were extremely serious. All the skin was missing, and even the bones were exposed in some places.
However, the injuries on its body were not the saddest thing for the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ king. Its tribe disappeared and turned into gas before its eyes.
/The King of Stoneskin Worms stood up unsteadily, its eyes full of hatred, and it let out a shrill howl toward the sky, like a wounded lone wolf.
The ground under the King of ‘Stone Skin Worm’ parted, and its body sank into the ground. Before disappearing, it took one last look at its former home.
Wisdom has given the king of the ‘Stoneskin Worms’ far greater intelligence than ordinary worms, and it is also accompanied by richer emotions.
“The ‘Kryptonite Powder Bomb’ exploded!” General Herman glanced at the latest news received, and then said to David.
“Great!” A smile appeared on Frudd’s extraordinary face. When the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King owned the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ group, he could do many things with the wisdom of the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King. Now, the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King can do a lot of things. The skin worm’s king lost its tribe, and its wisdom also lost a lot of support.
Frudd Chaofan has never seen any Zerg cultivating ‘Bewitching Brain Worms’ on the Guardian Planet. If the King of ‘Stone Skin Worms’ really succeeds in cultivating ‘Bewitching Brain Worms’, then on the Guardian Planet, I don’t know how many soldiers will know how to do so. Disaster.
As long as I think of the fear when facing the ‘Bewitching Brainworm’ larvae, even if Froude is now safe, I still have lingering fears.
“The King of ‘Stoneskin Worms’ actually cultivated ‘Bewitching Brain Worms’ in its lair. Now everything it has done is over!” Frude looked at David extraordinaryly and said.
Froude Chachao believed that David must have also seen the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’ larvae.
“What? The king of the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ cultivated the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’. Why did it do this?” Kenny asked in extraordinary surprise.
/“Of course I want to get what it wants to know from the human brain, such as my head!” Frudd Chaofan pointed at his head with his prosthetic limb and said with a wry smile.
Several people present felt a chill in their hearts. As long as they thought that everything in their minds was known to the Zerg, the feeling was worse than death.
“Well done!” General Hermann shouted.
A ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’ is a nightmare for the unsuspecting military. Once the army enters the mind control area of ??the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’, it will be controlled and become the puppet of the Zerg.
David’s explosion eliminated this danger before it even formed.
“David, the use of the ‘Krypton Crystal Powder Bomb’ this time still needs to be kept secret. Although your strength is close to extraordinary, it is not extraordinary after all. There is always some trouble in

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