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n clan’s fairy court. The demon ancestor also said that I was cheating on others. I am not a demon clan, but a magic weapon.”


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Xu Ying was extremely surprised and said: “When the magic weapon was in turmoil in the past, I heard a magic weapon say that you are the top existence among the magic weapons. It has become a legend.”
Xian Qi was proud and said with a smile: “As a senior cultivator of magic weapon, how can I sit back and watch the juniors being bullied? So I took action several times to teach those scum who suppressed the magic weapon uprising. Later, I don’t know how, I became The leader of the rebel army, Demon Emperor Jin Buyi, did not dare to keep me and expelled me from the Demon Clan’s Ancestral Court. Now, I am You Tiancheng of our Magical Immortal Court.”
While they were talking, they entered the Holy Temple of the Magic Treasure Immortal Courtyard. Xian Qi put Xu Ying down and turned into a fat young man again, leading the way. Xu Ying followed him into the Holy Temple and thought to himself: “Master Zhong is very impressive. . No wonder this beast destroyed the Three Realms thousands of years later!”
Having said that, Xu Ying let go of his prejudice against the big bell when he thought that he was the one who sacrificed Lord Zhong and destroyed the Three Realms.
In this holy temple, many immortal officials of the magic weapon clan are arranged on both sides according to their power and cultivation level. The power of each magic weapon emits astonishing fluctuations, which is extremely impressive.
The magic weapons that can be ranked in this treasure palace are often the magic weapons of the immortal realm. Xu Ying even saw the magic weapons of several Taoist ancestors among them.
Many magic weapon spirits appeared and turned into big-headed men and women, looking at them with solemn expressions.
/Xu Ying followed Xian Qi and walked forward, and suddenly saw that there were still people here who were officials in the magic treasure fairy court, and one of them was Zhuchanchan!
“I guess the magic weapons gave me too much, so Chanchan rebelled against the race!”
/Xu Ying was heartbroken and suddenly thought, “If Chanchan is here, then his master, Taoist Yuji, is probably here too!”
Sure enough, after walking a few steps, he saw Taoist Yuji.
The man covered his face with his sleeves and was ashamed to see him. Zhuchanchan was very carefree and not ashamed at all.
Xu Ying glared at the girl for a few times, then continued walking, and saw another familiar face, it was Zhao Zheng, sitting in the Golden Palace of the Magical Treasure Immortal Courtyard!
After Zhao Zheng’s death, all kinds of magic weapons were gathered into one body. Various magic weapons constituted one realm after another, such as Caiqi, Yinjing, Jindan, Dongyuan, Yuanshen, Dongyuan Nine Realms, Yaochi, Six Paths, Ascension, Dao Realm, Six Realms, The dojo, the Taoist scene, the supreme, the immortal, are magnificent!
He is simply a walking treasure trove of magical treasures, many of which are extremely powerful. If activa

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