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me, then everyone’s attention will naturally be focused on this best-selling author.


Jan 15, 2024

But if several best-selling authors open books at the same time, everyone’s attention will inevitably be scattered.
Booksellers also have to make judgments
When bookstores sell books, they basically have works that are promoted.
If the works they choose to promote do not perform well, it will affect their income.
Of course.
They can make adjustments based on the situation.
For example, if the book they promote does not perform well, they can change it to promote another book that sells well.
But this depends on whether the bookseller signed other contracts when pre-ordering the novel.
If they sign other contracts, such as author signing events, etc., then their main works cannot be changed easily.
In fact.
There are also big booksellers who hope that Chu Kuang can cooperate with the bookstore to conduct a signing event for “Ghost Blowing Out the Lamp”. This is a good way to stimulate sales.
Fans of Chu Kuang may buy “Ghost Blowing the Lamp” for Chu Kuang’s autograph, even if they may not like the book.
However, Lin Yuan refused after receiving Yang Feng’s call.
Although he really wants to make this money, once he holds a book signing event, he will not be far away from losing his horse.
This is the disadvantage of too many vests.
Lin Yuan decided to continue being a quiet matryoshka doll.
On the other hand, both Demon Boy and Master Hai have signed additional contracts with different booksellers and are preparing to hold book signings in order to achieve higher sales in June.
But Lin Yuan also has his own publicity strategy.
/He used Chu Kuang’s account to promote the news of the new book “Ghost Blowing the Lamp” released in June.
Then, he used Shadow and Chu Kuang’s accounts to forward and recommend them.
These three accounts follow each other, and one stands out and advances and retreats together!
Also because the three accounts are bundled, fans are extremely excited every time they see these three accounts.
“here we go!”
“Love triangle?”
“Shura field?”
“I feel that Chu Kuang is the core, and Xianyu and Shadow are competing for favor.”
“You guys are so dirty (shy)”
“As we all know, when Chu Kuang posts an update, Xianyu will repost it, and now there is an additional shadow.”
Lin Yuan didn’t know whether this kind of bundled promotion would be good for sales. Anyway, he stopped paying attention after finishing this matter.
And at this time.
May has quietly ended.
Theme is very important for a novel. Why do novelists always choose popular themes for their creations?
Because readers like that type of subject matter, they will look for books in that type of subject matter.
Choose popular topics and you’ll have a greater chance of being seen by readers!
/Even some well-known best-selling writers do not dare to easily choose some unpopular themes for creation.
Because they cannot guarantee whether readers will continue to support them after they write about unpopular topics.
However, there are always

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