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o, that’s not right.


Jan 15, 2024

Where is the training here?
This is clearly a transformation!
Take a closer look at the Shen Qing in front of you. Is he still Shen Qing? ?
Of course, He Sheng was still the same He Sheng, but as the effect of the Star Fragments ended, he also lost that inspiration.
However, since this scene broke out, He Sheng did gradually find out some experience and direction of efforts in subsequent performances.
Lin Yuan originally thought that He Sheng’s performance would plummet after an hour.
But the fact is that after an hour, although his condition declined, it was definitely much better than before he used the props.
Many people in the crew were full of praise, saying that He Sheng’s acting skills had achieved a certain breakthrough today.
This made Lin Yuan thoughtful.
He thought the Star Fragments were disposable props.
In fact, this is indeed a one-time prop, but it is obvious that once this state is experienced, it is easy for the actors to find a direction.
Maybe this is the true function of the Star Shards?
End of today’s shooting.
He Sheng was also a little excited.
He took a sip of water and was about to express his gratitude to Representative Lin for his advice. However, for some reason, he suddenly choked on the water and couldn’t help coughing loudly.
As tall as He Sheng has been, he has never choked so hard on water.
/He coughed for several minutes, feeling like he was going to cough out his heart, which frightened everyone around him.
/After coughing for a while, he stopped slightly, only to feel that his throat was a little burning.
“Are you OK?”
Everyone asked with concern.
He Sheng smiled and waved his hands, but he just choked on the water.
He suppressed the discomfort in his throat and ran quickly to Lin Yuan, his eyes slightly bright and said: “Thank you, Representative Lin, for your guidance. Can I ask you for advice in the future?”
“Try not to.”
Lin Yuan shook his head decisively.
Star fragments were too expensive and he couldn’t afford them. He could only use them when there was really no other way.
“All right”
He Sheng thought about it, how could he let the screenwriter guide him all the time?
Moreover, He Sheng has gained a lot from today’s performance. He vaguely felt that a door to performance was slowly opening to him.
After the crew finished work.
On the way home, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but call out the system: “Why do I feel like something is wrong?”
Yes, Lin Yuan always felt that something was wrong about the unfortunate incident that happened to He Sheng.
Turns out he was right.
The system’s response was: “A side effect of using props is that there is a certain chance of triggering bad luck.”
“Then me”
Lin Yuan’s expression changed.
He used the memory capsule many times!
The system said: “As the master, the host will never trigger bad luck. Only when the host uses props on others, there is a certain chance that the other party will be unlucky after the effect of the props ends, and this bad luck will not be too great.”
Lin Yu

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