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et go at all, and would rather have frost on his hands. .


Jan 15, 2024

Seeing this, Wei Xiaobei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He slapped Huang Kun and asked Huang Kun to take it as soon as possible.
This heart of ice element is not a fun thing.
In an environment, if it continues to absorb heat, it can reduce the surrounding temperature to minus 130 degrees in a short period of time.
In other words, if Huang Kun doesn’t take it anymore, he will be in trouble. The low surface temperature is enough to freeze Huang Kun as soon as he puts it in his mouth, making him unable to swallow it anymore.
It takes some courage to swallow this thing.
However, Huang Kun was bold. After hearing what Wei Xiaobei said, he stuffed the Heart of Ice Element into his mouth and swallowed it with all his strength.
After rolling his eyes and finally swallowing the heart of ice element, Huang Kun let out a long breath: “Mom, you almost suffocated me to death. I can’t even breathe out.”
But before he could finish his sentence, Huang Kun squatted on the ground with his hands and knees trembling.
As the heart of the ice element fell into his stomach, intense cold air was immediately released, and Huang Kun felt like his body was freezing for a moment.
Wei Xiaobei could also guess the consequences of swallowing this thing, so he immediately put Huang Kun on his shoulders and ran down the mountain.
By the time he rushed back to the car, Huang Kun had almost turned into a newly unearthed frozen man. All the clothes on his body were frozen and hardened, his face was covered with a thick layer of frost, and he was almost unconscious.
Turning the off-road vehicle’s air conditioner to the highest setting, Wei Xiaobei took off all Huang Kun’s clothes.
Even though the air conditioner blew out the sweaty hot air, a layer of frost slowly condensed on Huang Kun’s naked body, and two long white ice strips were dragged out of his nostrils.
If this continues, Huang Kun may die soon.
As mentioned before, the treasures in the gray world are both treasures and poisons. If you can’t bear it, the treasures will turn into poisons in an instant and take away your life.
Just like this heart of ice element, it looks very good. After taking it, you can gain a special ability.
Huang Kun was pretty good, his physique was much stronger than ordinary people, but he was frozen into this stupid state. If he were an ordinary person, he would probably die within a few seconds.
Wei Xiaobei took Huang Kun’s pulse. The pulse was already very weak, almost to the point of immediate death.
In this way, Wei Xiaobei had no choice but to drop five drops of the secondary youth fountain into Huang Kun’s mouth.
/What Wei Xiaobei didn’t expect was that the water from the Super Youth Fountain would freeze after it dripped into his mouth. Fortunately, there was air conditioning. Wei Xiaobei directly lifted Huang Kun’s head to the hot air outlet and blew it for a while. It finally melted and was swallowed down the throat.
With these five drops of secondary youth spring water, Wei X

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