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n transferred to the monk.


Jan 14, 2024

Several high-temperature birds even flew from nowhere and landed in front of the monk, looking attached to him.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t hesitate at all, turned around and ran down the mountain.
Although there was not much danger now, Wei Xiaobei had a feeling that when the monk targeted him, he would be in trouble.
“Amitabha! Donor, please stay.”
A voice sounded, and a golden light fell not far in front of Wei Xiaobei. The monk emerged from the golden light, raised his left hand towards Wei Xiaobei, and chanted a Buddhist chant.
Wei Xiaobei stopped quickly and kicked his legs violently into the soil to weaken the inertia.
But even so, Wei Xiaobei stopped his attack when he was less than ten meters away from his opponent, and two ditches about a foot deep were pulled out behind him!
“Don’t hold back, don’t hold back.”
Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to talk to this weird monk. Without a word, he wanted to go around the monk, and at the same time, his right hand was already grasping the big gun.
If the monk dared to stop him, Wei Xiaobei would not be polite at all!
“The poor monk sees that the donor is destined to be my Buddha, why should he leave in such a hurry!”
The monk chuckled and did not stop Wei Xiaobei. Instead, he muttered something. While speaking, bursts of Sanskrit chants spread slowly, but Wei Xiaobei, who was walking away in a circle, was stunned, and a trace of light appeared in his eyes. Be confused.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei stop and turn back, the monk’s face was filled with joy and he chanted repeatedly. The Buddha’s light emerged behind him and was about to cover Wei Xiaobei.
But at this moment, a circle of golden light appeared and spread around Wei Xiaobei’s body, causing the monk to be surprised and stopped singing.
When Wei Xiaobei woke up from the confusion and briefly read the description of the battle, he understood what happened before.
Combat description: The host is affected by Shi Yankun’s magical power. The perseverance ability fails to activate. The host is confused and the Buddha species appears. The host returns to normal.
“What a monk! How dare you confuse me!”
Although Wei Xiaobei didn’t know what the so-called magical power of rhetoric was, he did know that it was probably similar to the magic power of the magical talk he had encountered.
Obviously, this magical power of eloquence is higher than the magical power of the little eloquence. Under the influence of this magical power of eloquence, my perseverance ability has not been able to work.
/Fortunately, the Buddha seed that he couldn’t find came into play at this time. Otherwise, Wei Xiaobei didn’t know whether he would be like those high-temperature birds in the future.
In this way, Wei Xiaobei, who woke up, was naturally furious. With a big gun in his right hand, he rushed towards Shi Yankun!
But when he rushed over, Wei Xiaobei remembered, wasn’t the guy Shi Yongping asked him to save called Shi Yanming?
Judging from this guy’s appearance, not only was he not killed, he seemed to have gai

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