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thing else. They are all a bunch of bitter people, how much money can they have in their pockets? The key is to grab more weapons and equipment. These are the most precious things during war.


Dec 21, 2023

It’s a pity that everyone is poor, and only a few leaders among the rebels have iron weapons, and even fewer have armor.
On the contrary, the elite equipment of the fallen ally families was good, but unfortunately most of these weapons and equipment were engraved with markings. Unless the owner also lies down, it is really difficult to keep it privately.
In order to give full play to everyone’s subjective initiative, as soon as Hudson opened his mouth, whoever finds the weapon first will change the weapon first. If it is not suitable, they can also exchange it with each other. The unlucky guy who has not gained anything can continue to hold the bamboo gun.
As for gathering the corpses of allies?
There is no need to worry at all. The corpse will not run away while it is lying on the ground. It will be too late after the battlefield is scoured.
As he searched for loot along the way, Hudson was constantly reflecting. The day’s battle looked like a successful stroke, but his performance wasn’t flawless.
A lone knight wandering on the edge of the battlefield was too conspicuous. Even if they react in time and take remedial measures, there is no guarantee that no one will see it.
Those who are different are ostracized everywhere. It is difficult for a knight who does not conform to the mainstream to mix in aristocratic circles.
Fortunately, the battlefield was too chaotic and no one had time to pay attention to him. Even if he was seen, it would be difficult to accurately identify him from such a distance.
Now everyone is immersed in the tragic casualties, and they don’t have the heart to think so much. They will definitely have doubts when they react later.
Of course, the fact that Hudson was covered in blood still gave him a lot of points. Failure to follow the charge does not mean that you have not gone into battle to kill the enemy.
/Everyone is in the same circle, and no one will talk nonsense without evidence.
However, this kind of thing “can be done once or twice, but not again and again.” If it happens too many times, it will eventually break down.
Regardless of what happens in the future, in this war, it must not be discovered.
The only thing that pleased Hudson was that the knights were not constantly fighting on the battlefield. They would also look for opportunities to rest when they were tired.
Of course, there are exceptions for a few fools, but these people usually don’t live long. After all, human physical strength is not unlimited, and no one can withstand continuous high-intensity battles!
The kind of killing people for several days in a row, and confronting each other across the battlefield, just listen to it as a story. If we take it seriously, these on earth are examples.
Under the setting sun, looking at the corpses on the ground, Count Pierce also wanted to cry without tears. It seems that they

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