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May 21, 2024

Her eyes lingered on the strange flowers in the palace garden. The woman in feathers smiled lazily and stretched out her jade fingers to stir the wooden altar. The tea leaves in the cup seemed to be completely unconcerned, and he spoke quietly after a long time”He is just the leader of the Tianjian Sect with great ambition and talent. Such chess pieces are insignificant to begin with. If they are broken, they will be broken. But Your Majesty Ziwei, you have been ostracized by the Jade Emperor over the years. The woman who was once raised in the deep palace once ascended to the throne. “Sit down, I’m afraid it’s very unpleasant to be riding alongside you.”
After saying this, Emperor Ziwei’s face froze, and he turned to look at the bronze mirror hanging high on the eaves of the pavilion. According to the situation on the battlefield in Dongzhou, the Tianjian Sect and the bandits in the deserted land have all gone, leaving only the Zhou Dynasty struggling to stop the Tianwu Mountain army. The scene shifted, and in the camp of the Great Zhou Dynasty, a young man with an eagle nose and jackal eyes was hugging him from left to right, throwing command arrows in his hand.
“This is the chess piece that Gouchen buried in Dongzhou. King Yang Guang of Zhou Dynasty. Although this man was lustful and indiscriminate in killing, he was very good at leading troops and building a country. The emperor of the Zhou Dynasty had long been ignored by him and became Puppet.”
Zi Wei fiddled with the tea cup and said coldly.
“This person’s identity is mysterious. I don’t know when he appeared or where he came from. I once tried to calculate the secrets of heaven, but I was blocked by Gou Chen’s magic… Even though I am the sky, I can only use mystical magic in these hundred years. Tianfeng’s cultivation is really frustrating.
“Your Majesty, don’t worry, wait for another fifty years. By then no one can stop Brother Ziwei’s great ambition,”
/Hou Tu said with a faint smile. Suddenly, a hint of sarcasm floated through, and after a pause, Houtu said again.
“Brother Ziwei came to me today, not just for tea.”
“Of course not. I came here today, but I want to join forces with His Majesty Houtu to occupy Dongsheng Shenzhou.”
“Oh? Brother Ziwei is still here after all . I can’t help it anymore.”
Hou Tu smiled inexplicably, but did not reply to Zi Wei. He just fanned the lid of the lamp, looking leisurely and contented.
“The land of two continents.”
“Five continents.”
“There are too many five continents. The bottom line for me is three continents. If…”
“Okay, let’s make a deal.”
Hou Tu took the map of the ancient continent handed over by Zi Wei. , seemed to suddenly become impatient, looking away, looking indifferent. Zi Wei still didn’t know what Hou Tu meant, so she took a deep look at the woman in front of her who still couldn’t see clearly, then she let out a long laugh and left the table.
The breeze blows and the bells ring, like a gurgling stream, which is extremely pleasant to the ears.
After Zi Wei’s figu

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