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r the reincarnation of the dragon-snake war.”


May 20, 2024

r the reincarnation of the dragon-snake war.”
Hearing this, Zhou Jijun was startled and his eyes became cold.
“So, it was you, Zijun, who just walked the path of reincarnation in the innate reincarnation? No wonder the Snake Man of the Snake
Way looked weird.” Murderous intent suddenly arose in his heart. Although Zijun and the Snake Man of the Three Ways are Zhou Jijun’s clones, they each have their own identity. However, what happened just now was completely out of Zhou Jijun’s control, which was the most intolerable thing for him.
“I and this deity are one body. I seize the body with my mind and make Zijun replace me to give orders in the innate reincarnation. But that is just the deity.”
Zi Jun’s voice trembled slightly, and a look of panic appeared on his face.
The waves were rising and the sea breeze was blowing. Zhou Jijun stepped on the blue waves and meditated for a long time. His expression kept changing. The purple king in the sky inside his body was trembling with fear. The snake man guarding the three major Dantians also felt the same and his face was slightly flustered. That year, Zhou Jijun refined Zijun by chance in the capital city of Qizhou, and later ordered it to carry out the will of a gentleman and guard the hidden image. Everything was fine, but today, Zhou Jijun unexpectedly possessed it without realizing it. , although Zijun was also him, this feeling of losing control really made Zhou Jijun extremely afraid, and he just wanted to kill Zijun to avoid future troubles.
After thinking about it, Zhou Jijun hesitated again. If he wanted to practice the way of reincarnation in the innate reincarnation, he had to rely on Zijun. There seemed to be a great opportunity hidden in the dark. The moment Zijun was born, this day was already destined. This happens.
After a long time, the murderous intention in Zhou Jijun’s heart subsided, and the chaos in the Taoist heart calmed down. If he can’t control his clone, how can he control his own destiny? It’s not a bad idea to make Zijun his own body and let him practice the Taoism of reincarnation on his behalf. , so that you can get twice the result with half the effort.
“Zi Jun, do you know why I am here?”
Zhou Jijun asked softly, thinking about the voice transmission in his heart.
/Feeling that the murderous intention disappeared, Zi Jun breathed a long sigh of relief, wiped the sweat on his forehead, frowned, and said in thought.
“During the battle between me and the third prince in the East China Sea, I was inspired by the evil gentleman to reincarnate, and then came to Zijun. Zijun only remembered the moment when he took the third prince into the innate reincarnation. A stormy sea arose in the East China Sea, and my body was destroyed by a wave. A strange force swept him away.”
After hearing this, Zhou Jijun frowned and thought, counting with his fingers, he still didn’t know why the two sticks of incense had passed.
“Could it be that I possessed Zijun and entered the innate reincarnation in my body, but because of the qi of heav

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