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ant dragons at home but can swim in shallow waters abroad. Although I don’t quite agree with this, it’s not entirely wrong.


May 16, 2024

ant dragons at home but can swim in shallow waters abroad. Although I don’t quite agree with this, it’s not entirely wrong.
Junyi found a teacher for me to learn English, and there were several Japanese students who were preparing to study abroad in the class. The teacher’s English is not bad. After all, he is a preacher and his English is quite standard. But the English of those Japanese international students who have learned English in class and gone to university is a bit miserable. I finally understood why Jun Yan shook his head when he mentioned Japanese English.
Of course, I have to have an interpreter during class, so Mae Toriyuro will accompany me.
“Brother Shan, I think if you really can’t do it, don’t go back.” Qian Liyulang said to the side.
“Oh? Why?” I listened to the class very seriously, and I didn’t usually talk to former Riyurou, but I still asked after hearing what he said.
“Think about it. After you go back, there will be bloodshed and murderous revenge. How terrible is it? Don’t you think it’s like sitting here listening to people’s lectures like now? After going back, we gather together to eat and drink. We usually take a walk on the road and find a place. Are you having a good time chatting with girls? Don’t you want to live a normal life? You are almost forty.” The words of Qian Liyulang sounded like he was trying to persuade the young lady to be a good person.
I smiled bitterly and said: “Maybe I will consider it after I get my revenge, but I have entered the world of Jianghu too deeply, so I may not be able to escape for the rest of my life. By the way, help me ask the teacher, how do you say Jianghu in English?
” Riyuro was startled, and then asked in Japanese. The teacher was also stunned. The Japanese do not have the concept of rivers and lakes. After thinking for a while, the teacher said: “rivers and lakes? nono, meybeis underworld.”
“Is the underground world? Interesting.” I silently remembered it in my heart.
After class, Jun Yan had someone drive to pick me up. He got busy after arriving in Japan, dealing with various club affairs all day long. After getting in the car, Qian Liyulang said to me: “By the way, Brother Shan, there are a few people in Yin Yang Lao who want to see you.”
/“Oh? Who is it?” I asked.
“They are from the Abe family and the Ashiya family. They are the two largest families in our Yin-Yang Residence and have a long heritage. It seems that their younger generation wants to meet you. What do you think? I didn’t answer directly.” Riyuro asked for my opinion.
“If you want to meet, just meet them. I have nothing to do anyway, so it would be good to get to know more people.” I replied with an indifferent attitude.
“Haha. Okay, I’ll reply to them now. I heard that this time the Ashiya family has a beautiful woman. I heard that she is the most beautiful woman in Onnyangliao. She is usually a college student. I haven’t seen it yet. I want to see one today Look at her true face in Lushan! Haha!” I wasn’t excited, but the former Li Yulang was full o

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