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alculated according to the three levels of technology, the other evolutionary form knows that it has crossed the fifth evolutionary gate. “


May 16, 2024

alculated according to the three levels of technology, the other evolutionary form knows that it has crossed the fifth evolutionary gate. ”
“What will that look like?”
“It’s hard for me to explain this clearly. Although I am an artificial intelligence life, I have very little control over some human abilities, especially some advanced evolutionary forms. However, it is difficult to communicate with artificial intelligence. Communication is one of the most basic abilities.”
“How difficult is it?” Liu Fei showed a trace of determination on his face.
“That is to say, there are currently less than 10,000 humans who have crossed the fifth gate of evolution?”
“Go, this trip is not easy, be careful.”
“Is there anything going on?” Liu Fei became energetic. Vibrate.
“Discover the situation yourself. You are now very close to the threshold. Many things are easy for you. However, don’t be too careless. There are many, many strong people in the seven star regions, master level It’s nothing.”
“I hope so.” Inexplicably, Liu Fei felt like his blood was boiling. He believed what the little monk said, because, on the Drow planet, super strong men like Iron Rod were just ordinary people in peaceful times.
“Is there anyone who doesn’t want to live?” Liu Fei asked in surprise.
“Not wanting to live is the biggest obstacle in the history of human evolution. Many people have endless lives, but they choose to die.”
/Liu Fei said nothing. He felt the low mood of the little monk.
The condensed radio wave suddenly dissipated, as if it had never appeared. Just when the radio waves were idle, a warm sea breeze blew past his face. Liu Fei suddenly opened his eyes. He saw the blue sky, white clouds, sunshine, and the golden beach.
/Da Qiao Xiao Qiao and Liu Xiaofei were fighting passionately, but the situation had reversed.
At the beginning, it was Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao who bullied Liu Xiaofei at will. Liu Xiaofei was so busy that he only chewed sand with his mouth. But now, Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao are already dripping with sweat, and they are just chewing sand with their mouths, looking extremely embarrassed.
Even Liu Fei felt pressured by Liu Xiaofei’s speed. The two girls with no strength were his opponents. Let alone fight back, they even had no power to parry.
Some men couldn’t stand it anymore and joined Big Qiao and Xiao Qiao’s camp, and there were more and more people standing on one side of the volleyball net. However, Liu Xiaofei’s speed was too fast, and no amount of people could reverse the decline. Instead, he was as excited as if he had taken aphrodisiac, and he kept smashing like crazy.
“This guy is so incompetent!” The eyes around him burst into flames, and people cursed secretly using all kinds of imaginable words.
If looks could kill, Liu Xiaofei would die thousands of times.
Liu Xiaofei was completely unaware of the murderous gazes around him. He was complacent about being able to defeat his opponent, and he smashed one ball after another without any mercy. Not only is he fast, he is als

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