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point difference was narrowed to 9 points, single digits!


Apr 28, 2024

point difference was narrowed to 9 points, single digits!
Wang Fei called a timeout.
There were whistles at the scene.
Although the American team played like shit in the first half, it was not bad to suppress first and then improve, and a big comeback was achieved!
“We defend the zone.”
After all, he was trained in the NBA, so he reacted very quickly.
And taking advantage of this timeout, he also replaced Battelle with Wang Zhizhi.
Sun Hao saw Wang Zhizhi coming on the stage and pulled him to whisper for a while.
After the timeout, the Chinese team attacks.
Yao Ming first responded at the free throw line and had no chance.
After the US team’s wing height increased, the overall defensive quality improved greatly.
Yao Ming gave the ball to Sun Hao, and Sun Hao signaled Wang Zhizhi to pull up to the high post for a pick-and-roll.
The U.S. team still focused on attacking Sun Hao, not allowing him to take three-pointers or pass the ball easily.
But at this moment, something unexpected happened to the American team.
After removing the ball, Sun Hao did not go out, but went straight in with a low waist.
This choice is completely different from the first half.
And when he was rushing in, Wang Zhizhi was also walking out.
As a result, Sun Hao passed through the double team, and when he broke into the penalty area, only Brand was left in front of him to help defend.
Brand is short in height, but has an excellent wingspan and is not bad in defensive ability.
/And Miller is also chasing behind Sun Hao.
Attacked from the front and back, even if Sun Hao chooses to make an emergency stop at mid-range, he will definitely be disturbed.
Sun Hao chose to throw from close range!
This choice is once again surprising.
You must know that Sun Hao didn’t have this offensive skill before!
Brand’s reaction was obviously half a beat too slow.
The ball passed his defender and headed toward the basket.
Sun Hao scored with a throw!
Although he hasn’t practiced enough to unlock the badge, he has been practicing this throw in the system for more than half a season!
The American team attacked the frontcourt and soon discovered that the Chinese team’s defensive formation had changed.
A standard 2-3 zone defense, focusing on defending the basket.
The American team tried a series of tactics but had no chance.
Originally, Yao Ming dominated the sky when he was under the basket.
Coupled with the zone defense, it not only made up for Wang Zhizhi’s defensive deficiencies, but also turned the inside line into an iron barrel formation.
Marion tried a three-pointer from the outside, but it was obviously short.
Although Fiba’s three-point line is closer, as Wang Fei judged, Miller can’t hit it. This American team’s outside shooting ability is very limited!
/By blocking Pierce, their outside ability is basically gone.
Yao Ming grabbed a defensive rebound, and the Chinese team counterattacked the American team.
Sun Hao worked in one team and advanced to the frontcourt agains

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