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feel more embarrassed for a while.


Apr 4, 2024

feel more embarrassed for a while.
“What nonsense are you talking about? Come up here quickly! Since you were little, Brother Bo has never carried anyone else except babies. There won’t be that store after passing this village! If you want me to carry you in the future, you won’t have the chance. !” Wang Bo knew that the little girl might be shy, so he deliberately made a joke.
Zhang Jing was of course willing to let Wang Bo carry her on her back, so she just hesitated for a moment before taking a small step forward and gently leaning her small body against him.
“Brother Bo, if you can’t carry it anymore, put me down and have a rest.” Zhang Jing, who was lying on Wang Bo, whispered to Wang Bo during the walk. Since she was carrying something in her hands, in order to maintain balance, she had to lie on Wang Bo’s back. Naturally, she was a little uncomfortable at first, but slowly, something like warmth and sweetness began to sprout and grow in the little girl’s heart, and she simply leaned on Wang Bo with peace of mind.
“Are you looking down on your brother Bo again? How much do you weigh? How far is that grassy slope? There is no need to rest at such a small distance?!” Wang Bo responded with a “contemptuous” tone.
/“Aren’t they worried that you are tired?” the little girl said coquettishly.
/“Then your worries are completely unnecessary.”
“Brother Bo, you really can’t listen to good things!” The little girl wrinkled her nose.
“Aren’t I telling the truth? Hey, Jingjing, how much do you weigh? Do you weigh seventy pounds? I feel like you only weigh fifty or sixty pounds at most!” ”
That’s weird!” The little girl wanted to hit her. The talkative guy in front of me looked at him for a moment, but found that his hands were not free, so he could only say angrily, “Brother Bo, I’ve told you many times that he is no longer young, and of course he is not young either.” .Why do you always treat me like a child? Some children are as tall as others, and some are as heavy as others?” ”
Haha, it turns out that Jingjing in our family is already a big girl, congratulations!” ”

Two People chatted interesting or boring things along the way, teasing each other, and walked towards the sandbank in front of them leisurely and leisurely.
However, this freedom did not last long for Wang Bo before the freedom turned into “uncomfortability”. The elasticity and heat coming from the palms of his hands; the squeezing and squeezing from his back that followed his steps; and even the feeling brought to him by the occasional breeze blowing on Zhang Jing’s hair on his face. The cool touch and the aroma of mint all became the “source of confusion” that made Wang Bo restless and have random thoughts. Wang Bo knew very well that it was absurd and inappropriate for an “uncle” in his thirties to think of a fifteen-year-old girl who was in love as the object of his imagination. However, he can control his hands and feet, but he cannot control his heartbeat; he can control his mouth, but he cannot control the “fantastic thoughts

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