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them. This is the eternal truth!


Apr 4, 2024

“Why don’t we just take care of it?” Wang Bo, who was holding his “brother” in his hand, thought, and thinking about the two girls outside and looking at the basin they had just used, Wang Bo, who was thinking about it, had the urge to “friction” in his heart. The impulse became even stronger.
“Calm down! Don’t think about it! If you say you shouldn’t be a liar/manager in this life, then you must not do it!” Wang Bo muttered the words in his heart like a mantra, trying every means to calm down the “anger” of his little brother.
However, “Little Wang Bo” seemed to be against him. The more he talked about it, the more proud and erect “Little Wang Bo” became. All kinds of messy and unsuitable scenes appeared like a revolving lantern. It flashed in his mind that the female pig’s feet were none other than the two outside.
“Fuck! You bitch is getting more and more enthusiastic. It seems that you won’t be obedient unless I kill you. If I don’t go to hell, who will go to hell? Brother, I’m sorry, who will?” Is it not the right time to wake you up?” Wang Bo gritted his teeth, picked up the shower head that sprayed cold water, and poured it on his lower body.
I wish all book friends a happy Dragon Boat Festival, happy family reunion, more handsome men, more beautiful women, and more money.
When washing your feet, it is not as complicated and long as doing personal hygiene. The five people boiled two pots of water and divided them into two batches, first Hu Xiaoqin and He Yunxiang, then Ma Liting and Fang You. Wang Bo originally planned to wait for Fang and Ma to wash their feet, and then just wash them with their foot-washing water. But as soon as Ma Liting took off her socks, she waved to Wang Bo who was playing cards:
“Wang Zi’an, come here and wash your clothes!”
“Sister Tingting, sister Youyou, you two wash it first. I will wash it after you wash it.” Wang Bo He said to the two of them, but inadvertently glanced at the two pairs of bare feet of Fang You and Ma Liting who had taken off their socks, and found that both women’s feet were very delicate, with rounded arches, smooth and delicate insteps, and delicate toes. , small and neatly arranged, and the nails on it have been carefully trimmed. Ma Liting’s toenails, like her fingernails, are painted with bright red khaki, giving people a sense of charm. As for Fang You’s toenails, there was nothing painted on them. Although there is nothing painted on, because of the shape of the feet, the toes are really cute and cute, and they look very pleasing to the eye.
/Well, there is no way. For Wang Bo, who has hand fetish, foot fetish, and ear fetish all in one, he cares more about a woman’s hands and feet than her appearance. He has almost no resistance to a girl with a pair of ingenious and natural hands and feet.
/“I told you to come over and wash it, just come over and wash it! Do you think my and your sister Youyou’s feet are dirty? Let me tell you, we just went out after taking a shower this morning, and they are not dirty at

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