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st a lot of weight.” Zhao Xingyou suddenly turned his head, mustered up the courage, and boldly looked at Liang Ya.


Apr 4, 2024

st a lot of weight.” Zhao Xingyou suddenly turned his head, mustered up the courage, and boldly looked at Liang Ya.
Liang Ya didn’t want to answer, but the patience in her heart was disappearing little by little.
/Zhao Xingyou saw that Liang Ya was silent, as if he had received some kind of encouragement. He suddenly became bolder and said eagerly: “Liang Ya, you broke up with Wang Bo from Class 7, right? I don’t think you should do it now.” We’re together. You see, you improved nearly 20 points this time compared to last time.”
“Boring!” Liang Ya’s expression was cold, and the polite smile she pretended disappeared. She gave Zhao Xingyou a cold look and threw it away. The next sentence is to turn around and leave.
Zhao Xingyou was shocked when he saw Liang Ya turning around and walking away. He hurriedly followed behind and said, “Liang Ya, don’t leave? I really have something to tell you.”
But at this time, Liang Ya didn’t want to hear him waste her life at all. I turned a deaf ear to the noise of time and walked forward without stopping.
Zhao Xingyou saw that Liang Ya was about to leave the sky corridor. Lu Wei, who was waiting for her in the classroom, also stood up, gritted his teeth, and said loudly: “Liang Ya, I know who told the secret.”
Liang Ya immediately He stopped, his body trembled, and he was obviously trying to control his emotions. He stood frozen for at least five seconds, and then slowly turned around. His pretty face, which was so thin and heartbreaking, was already covered with frost. This kind of target without any expression stared at Zhao Xingyou who was following closely behind him.
“It’s Li Junfeng from Wang Bo’s class. He wrote a whistleblower letter to your father that you and Wang Bo were in love. I don’t know if it was this whistleblower letter that prompted you and Wang Bo to break up, but I think, It is necessary to let you know.” Zhao Xingyou, who was feeling guilty, did not dare to look at Liang Ya’s knife-like eyes, lowered his head and stammered.
“How do you know it was Li Junfeng who told the secret?”
“Ah” Zhao Xingyou was stunned, his face turned pale in an instant, “I, I”
/“Li Junfeng doesn’t know my dad, let alone my family or my father’s workplace. Zhao Xingyou, You told Li Junfeng that my father taught in Yongzhong, right? You and Li Junfeng conspired together to frame Wang Bo and I, right? Why? Why did you do this? Why?!” Liang Ya trembled and pointed Zhao Xingyou looked pale. She didn’t expect that the culprit who ruined her relationship with Wang Bo and made her miserable for more than a month, making her life worse than death, was actually Zhao Xingyou, who had always had a good relationship with her in the class.
So, did I really blame him wrongly? What happened that night was not that the meeting was temporarily canceled as his father said, so he went home early, but that his father deliberately set up a trap to catch him and Wang Bo cheating?
Putting it this way, the red fingerprints on his father’s face and the shattered glasses were all directed

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