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ore clothes, skirts and cosmetics live on the second floor. Third floor loft.


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ore clothes, skirts and cosmetics live on the second floor. Third floor loft.
/Because people live in the attic, it is deliberately higher than the attic of ordinary houses. The lowest part of the sloping roof is more than one meter. With a slight bend, all the space can be fully utilized.
All household items are stored in the basement.
In order to welcome the new family members who came from afar, the ceiling on the first floor was full of colorful ribbons, and the room was cleaned and tidy.
In front of the living room door, the male host Su Luo D. Lavin clapped his hands and said loudly: “Children, get ready, we should be happy, Lili will take your new brother home soon.
/Time It’s too tight, we can’t prepare cakes and feasts, so the only way to express our affection is with a smile on our face.
That child comes from a distant, poor country in China, and his previous life was compared to yours…”
“Distant, poor China Country, Dad, do you mean the country that has taken away almost all our job opportunities? In some cities, it is said that the value of one street can buy the entire Manhattan?
They are poor, so what are we?” The second daughter in the family , Michelle, who has a classic Latin beauty with exquisite facial features like a sculpture, curled her lips and said.
“There are rich and poor in that country, you know…” Su Luo D. Lavin was stunned for a moment and reluctantly answered.
“There are rich and poor, God, when it comes to this, are there any more poor and rich than the city below us? I don’t even know if the black people living in Queens have grown so fat by eating rats. ”
Shut up Michelle, as a well-educated girl, you can’t say such racist words.” Su Luo D. Lavin, who was at a loss for words, pointed at the second daughter who was always troubled and said loudly .
“Come on, Dad, my half-brother and sister are of mixed race. You should ask them if what I just said was meant to be racist.”
Harry, who had yellowish skin next to him, scratched his chin and imitated In an adult’s tone, he spoke very quickly: “I don’t think so.
Michelle just occupied the big room left by Brother Stephen because of the appearance of a new brother. As a result, Brother Radi was unable to move. Even though I couldn’t move into Brother Stephen’s largest room, I couldn’t move into Brother Radi’s slightly larger room, so she couldn’t use my smallest room as a storage room to store her endless I’m angry about my clothes.”
“Harry, your talk show is very good, but this week’s pocket money is halved,” Su Luo. D. Raven said loudly, pointing and pointing, “Listen, I I know that some of you think that you can earn enough money by working part-time, so you don’t want to listen to my well-intentioned advice as a parent.
But I want to remind you that before you are under age, whether you want to go on a date or go out, you still need me and the consent of Lili’s two guardians.
There is a saying that goes well, ‘It’s best to maintain enough respect for those you can use.’
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