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nded it to Xu Yao as if she was deliberately angry with him.


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nded it to Xu Yao as if she was deliberately angry with him.
Xu Yao was leaning over to watch TV. She took the orange and licked it with her tongue. She was indescribably cute. Wen Liang smiled slightly: “Why, you are not interested in my proposal?”
The three women shook their heads at the same time.
Ning Xiaoning said contemptuously: “You are a boy, do you have the nerve to argue with us? Besides, you are only a boy. Do you want us to sleep on the sofa and you to sleep on the bed? Classmate Wen Liang, you will definitely have an uneasy conscience if you do that.
” Wen Liang had basically adapted to Ning Xiaoning’s sudden cold joke, and said: “I really won’t have a bad conscience.”
“Believe me, your subconscious will definitely do it!”
Seeing Wen Liang’s grimace and speechlessness, Xu Yaoshan said He slouched and said, “You know how powerful Xiao Ning is, right? Silly boy, boys must be graceful. In fact, you see, the sofa is quite soft, and it has air conditioning, so it won’t be cold. If it weren’t for your sake, I’m going to sleep here.”
Xu Yao laughed loudly, and Ning Xiaoning sighed, but she couldn’t hide the smile in her eyes.
Wen Liang said: “I took everyone to play games today, and then competed with Gu Wenyuan. Without credit, there is hard work. How can you bear to sleep on the sofa!”
In fact, Wen Liang would not really fight for the bed with them, but Seeing that the three girls were a little embarrassed as the night approached, they deliberately used this to liven up the atmosphere. This is the case with many things. The more you cover it up, the harder it is to let it go. If you really want to talk about it in a joking tone, the effect will be very good.
How to get along with girls, Uncle Wen couldn’t do any better after being influenced by later generations.
Ji Su put down the snack bag in her hand. In fact, she wanted to say that there is no need to bother, I can just sleep on the sofa. But he also knew that good people couldn’t do anything at this time, so he said softly: “That’s good. If you agree to sleep on the sofa, each of us can agree to a request that’s not too much.” As he spoke, his eyes drifted towards Xu Yao and Ning. Seeing that Wen Liang looked like a martyr who would rather die than sleep on the sofa, Xiao Ning and the two girls were afraid that he would have to go to bed to hang out, so they nodded and agreed to Ji Su’s proposal.
Wen Liang immediately hit each other with his hands and said with a smile: “Deal!”
Xu Yao was afraid of being deceived and shouted: “Don’t go too far. Asking me to kneel down and imitate the barking of a dog is absolutely unacceptable!” This was something the two had complained about each other since they met. Xu Yao’s special move is necessary to worry about. But what she doesn’t understand is that in such a scene and atmosphere, no psychologically and physically mature man would think of letting a stunningly beautiful girl learn to bark like a dog.
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