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could she be so intimate with a stranger?


Mar 24, 2024

could she be so intimate with a stranger?
/“Teacher Si, I have to criticize you today.”
Wen Liang recounted what had just happened and said, “Fortunately, Tutu is smart and knows how to stand still in the middle of the road. It would be easy for other children to get into trouble. Doing hair It’s very important, but you also have to take good care of your children!”
Si Yajing has been a teacher for many years, but it has never happened before that she has been criticized in person by her own students. However, these words coming out of Wen Liang’s mouth always make people feel that they are taken for granted. His tone, his demeanor, and even his reasoning are all on an equal footing. He is not a teacher and student, but more like a friend.
When the little girl saw her mother being criticized, she couldn’t stop giggling. She grabbed Wen Liang’s pants and shook them, saying, “Dad, Mom is still a good kid after she admits her mistakes. Just stop scolding her!”
There was a sage who was scolded. He laughed at himself: “Children talk without restraint, so children have the privilege of talking nonsense.” But as soon as these words came out, not to mention Si Yajing who blushed with embarrassment, even Wen Liang almost couldn’t resist and coughed dryly.
Si Yajing said in embarrassment: “Tutu, what are you calling this? This is brother Wen Liang. Who taught you to call you that?”
Tutu’s big, quiet, dark eyes rolled around the two of them, and suddenly smiled slyly. , pointed at Wen Liang and said, “He, he asked me to call him daddy!”
Sluggish, absolutely dull!
Wen Liang’s face was stiff, and he raised his head with difficulty, just in time to meet Si Yajing’s surprised eyes and frowning brows. No one believes that a three- or four-year-old child can lie, and I am afraid that the blame will be taken.
“Teacher Si, I”
Si Yajing has never seen him in such a squeaking embarrassment since she met Wen Liang. Thinking of the times when she was teased by him in the past, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud and said, “Okay, let’s see. She looked aggrieved. I knew it was Tutu who was up to no good. This girl would scratch her palms with her little fingers when she was playing pranks.” Then he pinched Tutu’s nose and said with a smile, “You are still far from fighting Mom, not yet. Apologize to brother!”
Tutu pouted and glared at her mother, but she squeezed Wen Liang’s fingers in a flattering way. Her small face and soft hands made people feel affection for her. Wen Liang pretended to wipe some sweat from his forehead and said with a smile: “Tutu, you are so awesome. My brother is as stupid as a donkey compared to you.”
Tutu’s eyes were bent into the shape of crescents, and he tilted his head and kept laughing. After talking about the conversation again, Wen Liang said goodbye to Si Yajing because he was worried that Ning Xiaoning would be impatient with the waiting.
/Si Yajing led Tutu in the opposite direction. After a few steps, Tutu suddenly turned around and shouted to Wen Liang, “Dad, you

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