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nd the National Cooperation Bureau The leader is studying his work problem.


Mar 22, 2024

nd the National Cooperation Bureau The leader is studying his work problem.
After reading the materials, Director Li took off his glasses and muttered: “Lao Sha, don’t even think about letting Comrade Han Bo stay in the International Cooperation Bureau. The reason why he was transferred to South Africa at that time was mainly because the comrade Tai met the conditions and was able to act independently. Young Master. In Jiang Province, he was the backbone of case handling, and after he went to your province, he became the backbone of the backbone. When he was transferred, the Public Security Department of your province was very dissatisfied.” The
Sha Bureau was really reluctant to let Han Bo go, and asked with a smile: “There is no hope at all. “?”
“The Criminal Investigation Bureau has asked me more than once if I want to be a good person. The Narcotics Control Bureau and the Economic Investigation Bureau want it, and the OUHK also wants it, and the reasons are very good. Now the Dongguang Provincial Department has also made a similar request. This guy’s popularity is really not one or two. OK, who do you think your National Cooperation Bureau can win over?”
“Does Vice Minister Yu have any instructions?” ”
Vice Minister Yu listened to the report and knew his personal thoughts, and in principle agreed with him to work at the grassroots level. A consideration of his It is my personal wish. Secondly, this is in line with the general principle of decentralizing the police force. Thirdly, he is indeed relatively young. Letting young and powerful comrades handle cases on the front line is to use good steel on the blade.”
“So you are sure to let him go to Dongguang?”
/“It’s basically confirmed.”
Although the working relationship was transferred to the ministry not long ago, he was appointed by the National Cooperation Council to work in South Africa for a long time. He worked in such a complex environment for four full years and achieved remarkable results. It’s really all out.
/A leader who does not consider his subordinates is not a good leader. Although he cannot retain his subordinates, he cannot ignore them. Sha Bureau sighed with regret and asked: “As for the duties, how do the Dongguang Provincial Department plan to arrange them?
” After several phone calls, I can tell that the Dongguang Provincial Department is determined to win Han Bo, and has coordinated with the organizational department. There are two options for how to arrange it. One is to serve as the assistant to the director, still at the division level, but enjoying the work. Deputy director level treatment, you can participate in the director’s office meetings and participate in decision-making.”
This is not just one or two important points. The so-called “still at the director level” is just a transition. After working hard for two years, you will be the deputy director. If he stayed at the International Cooperation Bureau, he could only serve as director. After all, he was too young. It would take him three to five years to become d

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