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k on his face, “I am loyal to the court when I leave the capital. Do you really think that the Chao Security Bureau is paid?”


Feb 28, 2024

k on his face, “I am loyal to the court when I leave the capital. Do you really think that the Chao Security Bureau is paid?”
Zhang Muzi is anyway ? She couldn’t bear to see her, “I don’t believe that your family doesn’t even have this little money. Wouldn’t it be over if you paid back Li Yongsheng first?”
Yan Jiu’s eyes widened in anger, “My own money, compared with Zhui Bi’s money, how can it be done?” Is it the same?”
Of course her family still had some money, not to mention more than a thousand taels of gold. Without Li Yongsheng, she would still have received a loan shark from the Royal Horse Supervisor, but she felt: Why? Originally it was one code, one code.
/When Zhang Muzi heard this, he was too lazy to argue with her, “That’s why I said you deserve it.”
Dao Bu didn’t agree with her, and Yan Jiu didn’t talk to her, but just looked at Li Yongsheng pitifully, “Yongsheng , when I was in Zhangde Mansion, I not only took the initiative to give people to you, but also helped you to rescue you. You have to recognize this favor, right?”
Li Yongsheng sighed depressedly, “Come on, tell me what you want me to do.”
“You and me “Just say it to the Royal Horse Supervisor,” Yan Jiu couldn’t help but clasping his hands and bowing, “It’s better for me to repay this debt to you. You are so familiar with Ning Yuma.” ”
This is impossible,” Li Yongsheng shook his head and flatly refused. , “I transferred the debt. How to collect it is their business. Unlike you, I will never go back on my promise. You must know that face is given by others, but it is lost by yourself.”
Yan Jiu stomped his feet angrily, “I accept the debt, but we can’t just charge usury without notifying it, right?”
Li Yongsheng actually agreed with this statement, but he was just a seminarian, and Ning Yuma gave him face and said the debt would be transferred away. How can he collect the debt? , can he still care?
Seriously, Zhang Muzi is right. Ya just asked for it. She should pay back the money she owes as soon as possible. At this point, it is impossible for him to intercede, “Do you really think I can talk to Eunuch Ning casually? Let’s change the conditions.”
Yan Jiu actually knew that he was telling the truth, and she was just taking a chance, hoping that he would ask – one mile away, but there was a difference of more than 400 taels of gold.
When she heard Li Yongsheng’s clear refusal, she had no choice but to plead, “Just say hello and it will count as a one or two reduction.” ”
What nonsense is this?” Li Yongsheng snorted angrily, “You plan to reduce the amount How much?”
He can’t interfere with the loan sharking, but the interest rate of the loan sharking is too high, so he can speak out. After all, he and Yan Jiu are not enemies – of course, it’s up to the other party whether to adopt it or not. He can at most give a suggestion.
“Of course, the more, the better.” Yan Jiu rolled her eyes and felt a little distressed when she remembered that after the reduction and exemption, she still had to pay interest. “Otherwise, sinc

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