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elped her sort out the laws and order step by step. Her strength increased horribly, and every day was a big change. .


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Huang Xiao lamented how much he had changed. Holding the Beipai furnace in his hand, one day was worth ten years of hard training, and was curious about Lu Bei’s true strength now.
This is also the reason why Huang Xiao insists on recognizing Tai An as the only sun in the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom. She saw with her own eyes that Lu Bei became stronger step by step, from the Demon King to the invincible, becoming undefeated again and again. The scene of breaking the Heavenly Book with his hand was even more… It was deeply engraved in her mind.
In comparison, Taisu’s legend is limited to historical records. When choosing between the two demon emperors, she preferred the sun in her mind.
Take ten thousand steps back, what kind of bird is the three-legged golden crow, the phoenix should stand as the phoenix!
Lu Bei woke up from his double cultivation. He was not in a hurry to straighten the beauty in his arms. He waved his hand and took out the Demon Evolution Tower and placed it in his palm.
In the Classic of Mountains and Seas, other phoenixes symbolize auspiciousness and taste like chicken, but this is just a ferocious beast with an unknown taste.
Lu Bei’s golden-winged roc is a thing of the past. Now it can be called a phoenix. As the bloodline continues to improve, the innate magical powers are awakened one by one.
There is still room for improvement in bloodline. Just like dual cultivation, it requires perseverance. Perseverance will definitely pay off.
Sensing that Huang Xiao had woken up, Lu Bei withdrew his big hands that could be used to punish him, and helped Huang Xiao to sit opposite him.
Huang Xiao closed her eyes and said nothing the whole time. She didn’t open her eyes until she sat up straight, as if she had just woken up.
It was tacitly understood, and no one or a bird was exposed.
“It can be retrieved, but I can’t say when.”
Lu Bei said helplessly: “The fragments of the Little Application Book of Heaven formed a world of their own. The world was shattered and the concept of time was confused. The three-legged golden crow went to the future. I still haven’t sensed the specific day.”
“Your majesty has his own destiny, I think it won’t take long.”
“I’d like to lend you some good words.”
Lu Bei shook his head. If he had the three-legged golden crow in hand, the bloodline of the three demon gods gathered in the Demon Creation Tower, and the demon clan’s top magical powers, now he would dare to seek bad luck for Tai Su and Qi Li Jing.
“Why is Your Majesty so upset?”
“There is a saying that Mo is afraid of what comes. I’m afraid that after the three-legged Golden Crow appears, Tai Su will be the first to get there.”
Lu Bei frowned and said, “There is no day in the sky. That guy is so arrogant that he can’t even tolerate the sun in the underworld. Not to mention a newborn with three legs. Once I take one step slower, the three-legged golden crow will be gone.”
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