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he person in charge of the dyeing workshop. It can be seen that Jarok also intends to use high-quality dyeing. way.


Jan 2, 2024

Hull was an expert in this field, so he understood Jarok’s thoughts in a flash.
This guy wants to further reduce costs and replace expensive materials with ordinary fabrics. In this way, he has to spend more time on decoration, and the only thing that cannot be avoided in decoration is dyeing.
The cost of dyeing outside is very high. If you want bright colors, the price will be high; if you want cheap, the clothes may fade. Therefore, if you want to balance cost and quality, the only option is to firmly control this key step yourself. in hand.
/Hull knew how huge the market was.
The flying fireworks shot straight into the sky and turned into colorful sparks with a bang.
The Carnival officially begins in the evening, and the main event is the Carnival Parade. The parade always starts from the East District and then moves in a clockwise direction.
Every time a block is passed, people from that block will join the parade, which will circle Raymond in this way, and finally converge on several squares in the city center. At that time, it is the climax of the carnival.
The parade has not yet arrived, and the children are already eager to try it. Fortunately, there are other ways to pass the time, and setting off fireworks is one of them.
The people here have just settled in the Holy See and don’t have much spare money, so the fireworks for the children are not very good. There are only two styles, one is a rocket that shoots straight into the sky, and the other is a continuous stream of fireworks like a gun barrel. bomb.
“Whoosh” followed by another sharp whistle, and a rocket shot up into the sky. This rocket shot up extremely high.
The children screamed, laughed, and jumped. The others also seemed quite excited. Only Hull stood aside in a daze. He was thinking about how to treat Jarok.
After not seeing each other for a few days, Jarok’s impression on him became worse and worse. This guy gradually revealed his ambition to control everything. From his words and expression, it seemed as if he had founded all these industries by himself.
Some of these words were said in private when we were alone, and some were said in a suggestive way in front of the substitute. And when he said these words, Jarok always glanced at the substitute secretly.
Hull already knew what the problem was. This substitute was the root cause. This guy’s dullness and unresponsiveness fueled Jarok’s ambitions.
There are many ways to deal with this guy, the simplest is consciousness control, but this can easily be exposed. The Vatican has many experts who can see traces of consciousness control in the eyes of the person being controlled.
In addition to mind control, Hull even thought of killing Jarok and his family and replacing them with others, but what he needed was Jarok’s business talent.
Just as the world often frowns when mentioning the Yi Lei people, but they can’t do without the Yi Lei people, at this moment Hel als

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