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s Maxim’s bragging about the ancestors killing gods, all prove that the gods are not invincible!


Dec 22, 2023

“Marshal, the situation is not good. The seal covers a very wide area. In addition to the ruins, it also extends to the outside world.
Judging from our investigation, the seal has not actually been damaged, but the energy-gathering magic circle that maintains the operation of the seal has been damaged to a certain extent.
Fortunately, the combination of multiple magic arrays is used, so damage to a single array will not affect the operation of other magic arrays.
The essence of the subsidence of the underground palace is insufficient energy supply, and priority is given to ensuring the operation of the seal.
If I’m not mistaken, there has never been a curse in the Blasted Lands. What caused the accident to the local tribe was actually the eruption of the accumulated energy in the sealed land. ”
After hearing Rob’s speculation, Hudson looked very unhappy. According to this statement, the Cursed Land has become an unsolvable problem.
Although it is difficult to accept it in my heart, this is the most reasonable explanation.
If it were easy to solve, the orcs would have been solved long ago, and so many tribesmen would not have been killed.
“Do your best and obey fate!
Judging from the information collected, what is sealed under the ruins is likely to be the entrance to another world.
Maybe the 10,000-year catastrophe started from here.
The seal must not be opened until there is a definite answer! ”
Hudson said helplessly.
/Thinking about it makes me depressed, there is such a big thunder in front of my own territory. Fortunately, it was discovered now, otherwise the consequences would have been disastrous.
First, he guarded the border for the human race and blocked the invasion of the orcs. Now he also has a potential other world, a proper patron saint of the human race.
It’s just that this kind of title is not what Hudson wants. If possible, he would rather have peace in the world.
Times have changed.
Hudson has long been successful and has accumulated a rich foundation. What he needs now is to defend his country.
/As a person with vested interests, he naturally hates troubled times.
Deep down in his heart, Hudson had secretly prayed that this passage would never be the only one.
It’s not that I want to support others, but my ability is limited and I am unable to bear the catastrophe of ten thousand years alone.
With the current situation on the mainland, it is simply impossible for all ethnic groups to unite as one.
Even if everyone believes in the existence of a catastrophe of ten thousand years, it is estimated that the first thing that all races think about is not to be able to survive the crisis, but to think about how to remove the human race from the position of hegemony on the continent.
“Marshal, there is no need to worry too much. Judging from the age of the seal, it must be more than 10,000 years old.
The writing used to record messages is the oldest known writing, at least tens of thousan

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