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May 17, 2024

“Is this the magic weapon you carry with you in this box?” I asked, pointing to the box,and changed the topic elsewhere.
/“Yes, my old buddy has been with me for many years. He has been inseparable from the time I debuted to now.” He said with a smile.
It is said in the world that the Huainan stone lions are among the top twenty in terms of skill with swords. A good swordsman must have a good sword in his hand, just like a good chef cannot use a rusty kitchen knife to cook. A swordsman with a good sword is incomplete. After a few glasses of wine, I became curious about the sword in his hand, so I asked: “I am very curious about your sword. I wonder if I can see it.” Take a look? ”
It was a bit presumptuous to look at someone’s personal weapon when we met by chance. I regretted it as soon as I said it. But some of the top Shi Qing waved their hands indifferently and said: “Okay, just take a look.”
As he spoke, he pulled the wooden box over, then made a hand gesture, and said quickly I chanted the mantra and saw that the three talisman papers attached to the wooden box were loosened by themselves, and the box was slightly exposed. Even after drinking a few drinks, my senses did not relax. At this moment, I could clearly feel the murderous aura seeping out of the box, like a tiger locked in a cage. As long as it was released, it would go crazy. I have seen many powerful swords in the past, but never one as powerful as the one in front of me. I smiled and said, “This sword is so fierce.”
“Hey, brother Ba, you can see it. It’s not easy to raise it, haha.” Shi Qing mentioned the word “raise”. I know that many sword masters think so. The sword in their hand has spirituality, so they regard the sword as a child or a beast they have raised.
At this time, Shi Lian seemed a little disgusted with Shi Qing opening the box, and muttered: “Brother, why are you doing this again? What if you take out the sword and hurt someone?”
/Shi Qing laughed and said: “Injury Who is it? Brother Ba is very capable. He is even more powerful than your elder brother. I can’t defeat the evil place like Crow Ridge Castle alone. What are you afraid of? Brother Ba, come on, look at the sword!”
He is indeed a little drunk ! , opened the lid, and then I saw a red light flash before my eyes, and a blood-red sword appeared in my eyes!
This sword is about 1.2 or 1.3 meters long and three fingers wide. The hilt is carved in the shape of a tiger’s mouth, and the tiger’s eyes are inlaid with blood-red gems. The scabbard is red and thickened with gold. Chain-like gold locks extend on both sides. The whole sword immediately released a terrible sense of oppression before it was even unsheathed. It was as if the tiger in the cage had walked step by step in front of me, and its bloody mouth had opened, just waiting to swallow me in one gulp!
Shi Qing held the hilt of the sword and said with a smile: “My sword is called Red Tiger. I have followed me for more than twenty years and have killed countless masters. There are blood marks on the sword

By sangna