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d, “From the exam to now, more than two hundred people have died, but there are still more than eighty days to spend. How much do you have to fill in? Are you the only one who is willing to accept this? Aren’t you all very powerful and awesome? Are you going to deal with those people from Xishen? Why do you have to deal with us little fishes and shrimps?”


Apr 30, 2024

“Don’t push me too hard! If you push me hard, I will go directly to Xishen. They are always in the lead anyway. We just need to live!” ”
Don’t die!
Just live!” “Don’t die! Just live!”
For a moment , the crowd was excited, and the roars of more than 300 people broke through the cracks in the sky and went straight into the sky.
On the high platform, Li Shuangmu, Yin Kuang, Tan Shengge, the second-generation Ying Queen and others looked at the people below indifferently, with various feelings in their hearts.
After the people below shouted hoarsely for a while, a voice suddenly sounded, “Everyone, run away, they are going to kill someone.” Then, more than 300 people rushed toward the cliff, screaming and using various means to escape from this great rift valley.
/However, at this moment, two high-pitched dragon roars rang out, and the vibrating sound waves instantly filled the entire bottom of the Great Rift Valley, causing the gravel on the cliff to rain down. In an instant, white, red, and two strong lights filled the rift valley. When everyone looked up, they were shocked to find two giant dragons lurking on the left and right cliffs. The one on the left wall is the white dragon, and the one on the right wall is the red dragon. Two hundred-meter-long divine dragons lay on the cliff cut with axes, cutting off everyone’s escape route.
At the same time, two waves of pressure like flash floods and tsunamis continued to impact everyone’s bodies and minds, making them tremble with fear.
It is not that there are no elite students among the more than 300 people, but they tried their best, but they could only offset the two pressures.
At this time, Li Shuangmu had already pulled out the Scarlet Xiao Sword!
And the tails of the white dragon and the red dragon are connected to the Chixiao sword.
Seeing this, even Yin Kuang’s eyes froze. This was the first time he saw Li Shuangmu take action since “waking up”. If it doesn’t move, it’s gone. If it moves, the heaven and earth will move!
There are actually two dragon souls in a Chixiao Sword! ? A Qinglongyan Moon Sword harbors a green dragon and is already a divine weapon in this world, but the Chixiao Sword harbors two dragon souls. Isn’t it a divine weapon among divine weapons? !
He could clearly feel the strong threat from Chixiao Sword and Li Shuangmu. It seemed that Li Shuangmu was not only putting pressure on those students, but also putting pressure on himself, Tan Shengge and the others. Sure enough, when Yin Kuang looked at Tan Shengge and the others, he also saw the intriguing twinkle in their eyes.
Under the suppression of the two dragon souls, no one of the more than 300 people dared to mov

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