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hirped to her mother.


Apr 9, 2024

hirped to her mother.
With anxiety, expectation, and a lot of nervousness, Wang Bo stretched out his trembling hands and opened the black plastic bag that belonged to his cousin.
Before taking the umbrella and going out, Li Junhua suddenly pulled Wang Bo, “Boy, my mother will put all my things in a black plastic bag. You’d better not try to open it, otherwise if I find out, you will die miserably!” Do you understand? The same goes for your sister Zhen’s things!” Li Junhua winked and glared, trying his best to look evil and said to Wang Bo. However, because this face was so charming, even though he tried very hard to look scary, it was really not a deterrent. Wang Bo just wanted to laugh.
Of course Wang Bo didn’t laugh, but instead made a “trembling” expression in cooperation, and swore to the sky: “Sister, don’t worry! If I see it, I won’t need you to take action, I will tear out my own eyes.” I’ll dig it out and give it to you to hold in the palm of your hand and use it as a fitness ball.” But I was thinking, I wouldn’t have thought of it if you didn’t remind me. This reminder of yours will only happen once in a lifetime. There won’t be that store after passing this village. I really want to open it then. Take a look at the colors, styles and sizes you like.
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Wang Bo went in the rain to get a change of clothes for the two sisters who wanted to take a bath. Dong Zhen and Li Junhua, who were sitting on the sofa, were talking about how their younger brother would “steal by his own guard” and be dishonest.
“Haha, don’t worry, Zhennu, I just warned that boy, he wouldn’t dare.” Li Junhua said to Dong Zhen with a smile.
“But what if? What if he takes the opportunity to peek? We won’t know if he peeks.” Dong Zhen frowned, a little worried.
“Just take a peek. You won’t lose a piece of meat after watching us two, hehe, don’t you think so?” Li Junhua chuckled.
“You can think about it. The problem is that he is your cousin? Don’t you think it’s a bit like that? By the way, Huahua, why do I feel like you don’t care much about your cousin peeking into your underwear? Could it be?” Dong Zhen twitched the corner of her mouth and looked at her best friend sitting opposite with ill intention

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